I fled Covid-19 in SA: Juru

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I fled Covid-19 in SA: Juru Bishop Ollah Juru


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

MUSICIAN, preacher and businessman, Bishop Ollah Juru, says he ‘fled’ South Africa after losing most of his peers at the height of Covid-19 pandemic.

The Chivhu bred singer, whose job involves mass gatherings, said he lost some of his clients and friends to the deadly virus.

Ollah Juru

He said he was now safe at home and still weighing options on whether to return to his base or not.


He opened up to H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle ahead of the release of his 12th album titled Safa Mashoko.


“I’m back home but have been keeping a low profiled due to the Covid-19 pandemic which left some of my peers grounded.


“I used to stay in South Africa but after realising that many of my peers were dying, I decided to come back home and be holed up in my motherland.


“Some of our jobs as musicians and preachers require masses but with Covid-19 it was no longer safe.


“I just made up my mind and packed my bags because I didn’t want to expose myself to the pandemic,” he said.


Bishop Juru, who had settled well in South Africa, said home was always the best.


“There are times when you need to be realistic and simply retrace your roots and be safe with your family.


“However, I had never forsaken my roots and I have always respected a place where my umbilical code is buried,” he said.


Asked how he was keeping himself busy at home, Bishop Juru continued:


“I haven’t been doing much except recording my album called Sefa Mashoko at Trutone Studios.


“Like someone who is financially stable, I have never struggled and I would like to thank God for the blessings.


“As a concerned band leader, I had no option but to record my album with the band members who all stay in Chivhu.


“It carries five tracks namely Shavi Rehurombe, Nzou Nembwa, Kufa Kuriko, Baba, Mujombonono and the title track Sefa Mashoko.”


Unlike most of his peers who still want fame, the Rabaoma singer said he was singing for fun.


“I don’t want money from this business but I just want to relieve stress and enjoy myself as a person.


“I don’t need money from music for my personal care since I am good with what I have,” he said.


Besides Sefa Mashoko, Bishop Juru boasts of a rich catalogue of 11 other albums namely Rabaoma, Ivai Vatendi,  Chivandire   where in featured Alick Macheso on the song Emmanuel and  Kukura Kukura Kwedu featuring Soul Jah Love.


Other albums that makes his discography complete comprise Diaspora, Nevanji, Hapana Mutsvene only but to mention a few.

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