‘I friend zone them’

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‘I friend zone them’ Aleck Musuki


Praise Masvosva, Entertainment Reporter

Gospel musician Mathias Mhere’s bassist Aleck Musuki said he is not a womaniser and treats most of the girls as his sisters in a bid to shun controversy.

The Chazunguza (The Eagle Power)’s frontman told this publication that he has found a way to ‘manage’ girls when they go out for gigs.

“As for me, I have a found a way to manage girls but it’s hard for many entertainers.

“Many girls throw themselves to us but I take them as friends and sisters too as a way of running away from temptations.

“Hard work and prayers are also helping me.

“With determination so far I don’t have any problem at all because respect myself, fans and my career too,” he said.

He added;

“I am married and I have much respect on my family.”

Musuki who is not knew to music is also working on his third album titled Kusvika Wati Sorry due for release on November 7.

It carries seven tracks namely Zeve Zeve, Zariro, Zvikoni, Zai Harina Muto, Zvibereko Zvegodo, Zimbe Remoto and Zivo.

The album is being recorded at Truton studios, engineered by Isaac and Wallace Muparutsa.

Popular producer Jabulani Ndlovu is mixing and producing the album.

Musuki said he will not have any collaboration until he make a household name.

“I believe in hard work and I will not use other people to win hearts of many.

‘So for now I will put an extra effort to expand my fan base without using anyone’s name.

“I have my own way of doing things,” he said.

He also said he is still trying to get a way to benefit from music due to digital divide.

“I am still yet to figure the results of music because the effort we put on our projects is not being paid back.

“Due to advancement of technology you find that we use a lot of money to come up with an album, instead of reaping what we sow the album will be distributed via social media.

“Many people will say send me via WhatsApp and at the same time you will be using a lot of money to purchase data bundles.

“I urge fans to desist from buying CDs which are not original as a way of supporting us.”

Musuki described piracy as a cancer which is stopping their progress.

Asked about his relationship with Mhere he said:

“He is more like a friend to me.

“We talk about our strengths and weaknesses.

“We have good working relationship and he is behind my success.

“Whenever I don’t have gigs I will be at his shows.”

To date he has two albums to his credit namely Chibhakera Chegwara which was released last year and his first offering Turn and shoot which hit the market in 2017.

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