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DENDERA music heir, Suluman Chimbetu, has emphasised the importance of hard work and dedication in his profession.

In an interview on the sidelines of one of his shows at a Harare hotel, Sulu (41) explained that he always gives his best on stage, stating that fans “deserve nothing but the best from us”.

He also acknowledged the importance of honouring music icons on a daily basis, rather than just during August, which is a designated special month on the national calendar.

Sulu inherited his father, Simon Chimbetu’s band after he passed away in 2005, and has since worked hard to maintain his father’s legacy and bring stability to the band.

“As artists, we can’t afford to disappoint our loyal fans who are doing everything to ensure that we put food on the table.

“In celebrating the memory of both our heroes and heroines, I dedicate this show to music icons,” he said.

Sulu, who has become a regular at State-organised national galas, said August is a special month on the national calendar.

“To be honest with you, we need to honour our heroes and heroines on a daily basis. We should not wait for August to start honouring them.

“However, we must show them our true love in August by holding festivals, which should run for the entire month and even beyond.”

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