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MUSICIAN Tatenda Pinjisi has confessed that he became a drug addict and even lied that he had dumped singing and turned into a full-time preacher.

He performed his upcoming ‘Mutoriro’ song at MACSHEP in Kadoma on Friday.

“During the Covid-19 pandemic, drug abuse was worse among the youths. I am confessing that I was a victim of marijuana, mutoriro and other drugs. I was then visualising things creeping on my back, feeling unbelievable energy, seeing the daylight during the night and the opposite during the day.

“It is now over and that is why I am honestly coming back to you confessing.

“That is why I wrote that song, ‘Mutoriro,’ whose lyrics are about leaving parents with oceans of tears on their cheeks.”

He added:

“I lied that I had dumped sungura for Christianity, I then quarantined myself praying to Jesus in privacy, without any church.

“I have started these anti-drugs abuse shows because Kadoma had a victim who used a knife to cut his stomach when he was under the influence of drugs.

“The album is ‘Varidzi VeBasa’ amd it has tracks like, ‘Mutoriro/Guka Makafela’, ‘Ropa’, ‘Shungu’, ‘Tariro’, ‘Vavakidzani’ and ‘Seiko’.

“It will be launched on July 4, at Steak House in Harare.

“It is my true story album.”

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