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I HAD NEVER PARTIED IN FIO: GINIMBI Bodyslam, Pokello and Ginimbi


3 April 2018

Bodyslam, Pokello and Ginimbi

FLAMBOYANT socialite, Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, says it was his first time partying in Highfield on April Fools’ Day at the well-attended Madirirano Festival.

The 33-year-old, who brought class at the event as the guest of honour alongside socialite Pokello Nare, says he was humbled by the support he got from more than 5000 fans who thronged Takashinga Cricket Club.

Speaking to H-Metro on the sidelines of the festival, Ginimbi praised event organiser founder Simbarashe “Bodyslam” Chakare for setting up new trends.

“I have never partied in Highfield for the whole of my life; It was my first time having fun having fun in Highfield,” says the urbane entrepreneur.


Ginimbi, who concedes he missed ghetto parties owing to his busy schedule, hailed Bodyslam for putting together a violence free event.

“I have attended other events locally but this was the most organised event I have attended so far.

“It was organised from everything, the quality of music is the best one can think of.

“Simba is in the right direction and with over 5000 people in attendance, it’s difficult to please everybody but Simba did his best today.”

Ginimbi, who is set to host Nigerian superstar’s show Davido on April 21 at HICC, has pledged to uplift innovative youthful entrepreneurs who came from the ghetto.

“What I can tell you is that from now onwards, I will try to squeeze my busy schedule and help ghetto youths prosper and take them to high levels.”

Show host Bodyslam, who has popularised and even commercialised the Madirirano concept which was initiated by shebeen queens in Highfield, could not hide his elation.

Bodyslam, who says he adopted the concept started in his childhood neighbourhood, says the movement will soon put Highfield on the world map.

“The support we got here was awesome with businessmen like Ginimbi, Tinashe Mutarise (of Nash Paints), Lady Pokello coming to support us.

“It’s something we didn’t expect having such a big crowd from. For some, it was their first time to be in the ghetto and others never thought they will be welcomed here as is the case.

“It has always been our prayer hosting such a successful event in Highfield, which happens to be one of the oldest townships in Zimbabwe.

“I was only born in 1980 and found it there so in other words I am just keeping the appearance  and it is my hope that someone else will take over from me when I am gone or when I can no longer afford to so,” he says.

Like any other movement which attracts hordes of people from all walks of life, Bodyslam says he is aware of the challenges which comes which comes with successful initiatives like his.

“We are not afraid of enemies or distractors who may what to disturb us but we will always leave everything to God.

“If God has assigned me to hold such a festival, surely I won’t disappoint my fans and my efforts won’t go to waste.

“As such, all we need is love and support to ensure that we put Highfield on the world map as well as taking this concept to a higher level.

“We will do our best and ensure that we continue giving people nothing but the best we can in as far as planning such events go,” says Bodyslam.

Bodyslam, who gets well along with other entrepreneurs of his generation, was also praised by Tinashe Mutarisi the Nash Paints for defying his background to come up with an amazing concept.

“As sponsors at this event, we support Simbarashe Chakare for his initiative because we all come from the ghetto.

“I came here as a friend and it feels good being associated with successful ghetto stories.

“In my case, I was bred in Chitungwiza where I also started Nash Paints before I settled in Borrowdale.

“Like Bodyslam, we are also setting new trends as the crop of ne entrepreneurs and to date, I have 25 branches countrywide with the biggest branch set to be established along Julius Nyerere Way.

“We are also going to open other branch in Rusape where we owe our clients.

“And what I do have in common with most of these young business executives, we all build our empires from humble beginnings having started our journeys form the ghetto.”

In line with their theme where merry-makers should party as a team, it was entertainment galore at the event.

Top wheel-spinners and emcees like Merciless Zimbabwe, Abisha Palmer, Bodyslam, DJ Flevah, Godfatha Templeman and local wheel-spinners had a good day in turntables.

Seh Calaz and Gary Tight had a good day in office and they enthralled merrymakers with top notch performances.

Top celebrities comprising Ginimbi, Pokello, Boss Spencer Madziya, Mai Gamu, CST watched proceedings from the VIP enclosure.

Socialite and Liqours Boys and Butchery Mawindo, who manned one of the bars, worked overtime as she attended to fans.

So busy was Mawindo that she doubled as both the manager and cashier as she attended to the big crowd.

The stage set up was up to scratch while the sound and lighting were superb, befitting such an event of high magnitude which attracted the capital’s well-heeled who had fan in Highfield.

It was also evident that the event organisers took their time putting the event together and with more sponsorship in future, Madirirano can easily be one of the biggest events on the entertainment calendar.

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