Maria Chiguvari

SOUTH African energy goddess Makhadzi says she will cut her “BIG” nose so that those who target it to try and insult her will have nothing to use in their verbal attacks.

She has been under the spotlight after claiming she was sabotaged at the just-ended Africa Music Festival in the United Kingdom.

Responding to body-shaming comments about her nose, Makhadzi hilariously quipped that she was considering cutting it off so that critics would have nothing left to mock.

“I know I have a big nose, stop reminding me all I said was I am dropping the album next week Friday only that.

“I am going to cut my nose.

“So when I talk about my album no one will  not have something to say about my looks.”

She added:

“My album is dropping next week Friday and my problem is I don’t know which one must be track one.

“Maybe, it must just be the one I featured Baba Alick Macheso? Please help.”

Then, writing in Shona, she said she was one of the Zimbabweans.

Zvinonetsa mabatiro anokuita vanhu kana urimutorwa, havazive ndiri mwana wevhu.

“This comes after me saying I am dropping (an) album next week.”

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