‘I have AIDS cure’

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‘I have AIDS cure’


29 October 2018

. . . Magaya divides world

Arron Nyamayaro and Letwin Ncube

Prophet Walter Magaya, yesterday claimed he had discovered a cure for AIDS and cancer.

Announcing the discovery before local and foreign journalists at Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries in Waterfalls, Prophet Magaya said the herb was now awaiting Government approval after he had made all tests.

“Today I am glad to announce to you that we have discovered a plant with powers to cure HIV and I am the first person to discover it,” said Prophet Magaya.

“The plant is not found in any botanic records and we have engaged various medical doctors including scientists from India who are with me here and I have since approached the minister of health and child care over this and they are still to test it.

“It has been my prayer to empower people and I wanted to see those suffering from HIV and Aids receive their healing,’ he said.

He claimed that anyone who takes it will receive positive results within 14 days where CD4 count improves

“If a person has a CD4 count as low as 150 and they start taking the herb, their CD4 count can improve by as much as 200 percent after 14 days,” he claimed – to a great applause from the church.

He added that over time the drug reduces the viral load to undetectable levels and eventually cures someone from HIV or AIDS. He said it is not a treatment like ARV drugs but a cure.

The herb, which is known as Aguma Onco, is said to have powers to naturally fortify the body and help improve one’s immune system.

Magaya said he has kept the cure a secret for two years.

“God answered my prayers and for the past two years I kept it a secret as I made tests of the herb and I have even tested some of my ministry members along with non-members and they tested negative.

“I discovered the cure two years ago but I hid it because I wanted it to be chemically and scientifically proven first.

“I tested the cure and I’m gladly saying it is perfect.

“I am working with Indians who are well versed in the scientific (side) of the plant and we did the research together,” he said.

He also said the cure was an African discovery which was meant to benefit the Africans.

“We will not allow people, companies or countries to use the cure without our approval.

“One of the countries offered me money, $56 million, to point the tree but I refused because I want Africa to be the one to discover and distribute the cure, I am helping my people,” said the prophet.

Prophet Magaya also said the cure will be affordable since his main motive is to help people.

“The cure will be affordable and it will be my greatest achievement to help people through my children.

“The cure will be distributed from Zimbabwe and the government is willing to support me through the investing and distributing of the cure after approval,” said Prophet Magaya.

He claims God showed him the cure when he was following themes he gave to his ministries every year saying they were pointing to this great discovery.

“Year 2013 was a year of my name, 2014 was taking over, 2015 was being fruitful and multiplying, 2016 over flow and abundance, 2017 shifting to higher level and 2018 is for good open gates,” said Prophet Magaya.

“I strongly believe in my God and I am not ashamed to announce this and will not be moved by negative reports since facts will remain and time will tell for those who discourage us to believe in the speaking of God,” he said.

He said trees were precious quoting Holy Scriptures from the book of 2 Kings 20:7.

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