Takawira Photovet Dapi

MARK Ngwazi says he has so far com-posed over 500 songs. He will be releasing his new album,‘Huzukwende,’ on June 29.He announced this during his performance at Aquatic Complex at Alick Macheso’s homecoming show.

“I compose songs daily because I breathe and live with people day and night.“Huzukwende’s meaning is going to be defined on its launch day, mega muchangowona kuti chokwadi hwanga huri Huzukwende.“So far, I have more than 500 composed hits. As a band we are failing to choose only six songs for our June album. “Who will I play with if I fail to perform with Alick Macheso, Nicholas Zakaria,Simon Mutambi and Tindo Ngwazi.

“If you do not want to play with Macheso,it means you hate sungura and you hate playing it for the its fans. “He added: “I also want to thank the Njanja Express band for our unity which drove us to where we are today, I pray for you so that we achieve all our dreams in the future.“ Thanks to Donald Gogo, everybody knows that his arrival at Njanja Express positively changed everything. “Gogo arrived after we had done two albums, his arrival opened show doors for our band. “Aquatic Complex is traditionally the home of Alick Macheso

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