I have no sugar mommy: Carlos Green

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I have no sugar mommy: Carlos Green


. . . Issue has affected me badly

Nyasha Kada

Afro Fusion musician Carlos Green has denied being in a relationship with a sugar mommy and says the issue has affected him badly.

He now suffers from high blood pressure as a result.

The Vane Mari Vauya band leader who flaunts a flashy lifestyle dressing in fancy designer clothes and driving numerous vehicles is believed to have a sugar mummy behind his lifestyle.

“I have no and have never had a sugar mommy in my life.

“I only dated someone who was three years older than me around end of 2014 to 2016.

“She lived a decent life and I never lived off from her for people to call her my sugar mommy.

“As people that were in a relationship we would help each other out here and there just like any couple does.

“My relationship with her was never that public as she never attended any of my shows, she was a Christian and her church never allowed her to be in such areas as bars.

“I don’t know where people got that from,” said Green.

Carlos Green

He added: “This sugar mommy thing really affected me and I now suffer from high blood pressure.

“Even till today it affects me because if do something by y own its believed a sugar mommy is behind it.

“I am a victim of cyber bullying on social media kungo zviposterawo ndakachena vamwe vaklutoti ndakapihwa na sugar mommy.”

Asked how he is supporting his life style as most musicians are surviving from hand to mouth, Green said:

“People should not be deceived by my dressing, ndingori munhu anogeza anofitwa nehembe chete.

“I can buy clothes for myself from my show earnings as be able to pay rent.

“It might not be that much but because I hold a number of shows every month I kind of mange.

“One cannot manage to live from one source of income in Zim so I also do my deals on the side to help survive.

“I don’t even have much people think I have, I still rent even though I also want to own my own house one day.

“If I have birthday then someone buys me a car am supposed to go around ndichiti ndatengerwa mota, sometimes I drive different vehicles because of the deals I do.

“I meet a lot people during my show, vane mari nevane zvavanoitawo and that’s how deals and business relationships come up,” he said.

Carlos revealed that his is in a relationship and is looking forward to marry soon.

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