I lead by example: Sandra

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I lead by example: Sandra Sandra Ndebele


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

Sandra Ndebele believes she is leading by example in showbiz as most female looks up to her.

The Bulawayo bred dancer-cum-musician said she is now investing in education to ensure that she becomes a fully equipped influencer.

She said this after performance at the just ended 41st Uhuru Independence Gala where she wowed fans with a polished performance.


Exuding confidence and energy, Sandy – as the diva is fondly known – left fans clamouring for more.


However, it was her piece of advice set to inspire other fellow artistes.

“I have been in the game for over 20 years now  and I am actually one of the few artistes who gave hope to female artistes that they can also make it into the main stream industry.


“However, I won’t mention names for professional reasons but the truth is that I have showed female artistes the way and light.


“As their role model, I am now studying towards a degree programme to ensure that I enhance my knowledge and wisdom as their mentor.


“To fellow artistes, I would like to urge them that it is never too late to follow suit and be counted among powerful women,” she said.


Sandy hailed Government for the affording the opportunity to perf at this year’s Uhuru commemoration.


“I’m one person who has my country at heart and that’s why you see me available whenever national events of this magnitude are organised.


“I’m doing this for the love of my country and people,” she added.

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