I learnt to play guitar-Kawara

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I learnt to play guitar-Kawara Alexio Kawara



Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

AWARD-WINNING crooner Alexio Kawara says he has perfected his guitar playing skills on Covid-19 lockdown.

Kawara, who also took his time to learn mbira, said it has always been his wish to play the guitar.

“I have always wanted to play musical instrumentals because I already know that I have the vocal ability.

“I then learnt mbira which I can still play during live shows and recordings.

“I then went a step further and I learnt how to play the acoustic guitar and I perfected my skill during lockdown.

“Since I am always indoors at home, I have fallen in love with the acoustic guitar,” he said

Asked how he was engaging his fans on lockdown, Kawara said:

“I’m now fully utilising my social media platforms since I realised that I have a lot of fans.

“I recently held three online gigs and the response was amazing as some people asked whether I was still alive or not.

“I realised that I was starving my fans of new stuff and there was need for social media presence than before because I really have a big following which I can take care of.”

He however conceded that he was finding it hard to sustain his band members during lockdown.

“We were only paid one show that we held online and I gave them something but it’s really hard for us to sustain them during such trying times.

“It’s no secret that everything is on hold as we speak because of the coronavirus but it is something that we all want it gone.

“We miss doing shows the way we used to do but if it continues, we might be prompted to continue devising the old ways of doing business.”

Unlike most artistes who are hardly at home owing to demanding schedules, Kawara has always created time for family.

“I’m always home and this pandemic has helped me to further cement the bond that I have with my family.

“We are one happy family and I only leave them when attending lives or recordings,” he added.

Meanwhile, the singer is currently working on a new album with a series of singles set to be dropped before year end.



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