I let down the culture: Vokal

07 May, 2020 - 12:05 0 Views
I let down the culture: Vokal Vokal


Nyasha Kada, Entertainment Reporter

Socialite and music enthusiast, Vokal, believes he has let the Zim dancehall culture down.

Vokal, a former manager to Seh Calaz and other artistes, played a pivotal role to the rise of the genre that seems to have suffered stunted growth.

Too many music critics say the genre has reached the ceiling now that has seen it not developing in the past two years or so.

Since the coming of new crop artistes like Enzo, Bazooker, Pumacol and Uncle Epaton about two to three year ago the genre has barely had a notable new voice, a sign that something is going wrong with the genre.

Vokal feels he is partly to blame for that.

“Back in the day we used to set agenda and introduce people to new voices.

“We used to have clubs that supported the culture for example Superlable and City Sports Bar.

“One could go for midweek Zim dancehall show and get to see new artistes that would be supporting the main act.

“People didn’t have to wait for big shows to see artistes like it now, most of them not even prepared for the stage because they lack these kind of shows where they could improve their stage work.

“It also gave the opportunity to all artistes the big or little known to work on their stage craft, for the little known it was an opportunity to utilise on building a fan base and all that is no more.

“We played a part in all this but we just let it go and hence I feel I am partly to blame,” he said.

Vokal went on to add that the Covid-19 pandemic could be a blessing in disguise and urge promoter to focus on upcoming talent and try and give their live shows a balance.

“In this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, i can only urge promoters or those people doing live shows to give opportunity to the upcoming artistes and new voices.

“People are very much hungry for that and this is the time for them to be known as everyone is being entertained by these live shows.

“Having two or three new voices on the show will not harm the show but will be of great help to the genre and artistes,” he added.






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