‘I LIVED A FAKE LIFE’. . . Mai TT bares it all behind bars

Arron Nyamayaro

JAILED comedienne and musician, Mai TT, has revealed the difficulties which led her to a life of crime and fake marriages that left her counting the costs when she was incarcerated.

Addressing 230 other inmates and prison officials, as well as a visiting group of women from the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe, Mai TT spoke about how she engaged in criminal activities to maintain her celebrity lifestyle.

Her shame at her imprisonment, and her desire to maintain her true self, has caused her to learn from her mistakes and seek redemption.

“To be honest, I cried in my cell and did not want to interact with other inmates until I received counselling from our rehabilitation officers,” said Mai TT.

“Those counselling sessions healed me and I have gained strength. 

“I have learnt from my mistakes and will not continue with the fake life I used to live.

“I tried to put on a brave face while I was suffering inside.”

She added: 

“I never thought that one day I would be counted among prisoners.

“I encouraged and gave hope to a number of women and marriages, but in reality, I felt humiliated, neglected and abused.

“I used to come here donating stuff but, today, I am being counted among inmates and not an inmate only, but a fraudster.”

She narrated her marriage to Tinashe Maphosa, who she described as a criminal who stole her money, leaving her in debts that left her in prison.

“When I got married to Tinashe, I bragged that I had found mbinga yangu. I was quick to go on live videos posting every detail of my success unaware that the end was going to be as sour as this.

“Tinashe paid lobola, borrowed money for a historic wedding where I arrived at the venue in a helicopter.

“He phoned my parents telling them he had bought a house for me in Madokero and furnished it on credit. 

“After convincing me, I gave him my heart, my trust and that cost me.

“Tinashe refused to accompany me to Victoria Falls where I was hired to be an MC. He remained behind to steal my US$30 000 and flew back to America without my knowledge.

“The money was not mine, but belonged to a women’s revolving fund. Yaive mari yema round andaiita neshamwari dzangu. Ndakaziva kuti Tinashe andinyudza. Akabva andidzimira phone ndokuzobatika pava paya.

“I ended up engaging in theft of trust property as a way of covering my problems as I didn’t want anyone to know that I was in trouble.”

She added:

“Since people used to know me as someone living a good life, I suffered inside trying to maintain my fake life yet I was in a big trouble.

“Tinashe promised to repay my money saying he was expecting US$400 000 and that was that, until my friends haunted me for their money leaving them without an option, but to seek justice in the courts of law.

“Another friend lodged a complaint against me while I was already serving my sentence.

“I was puzzled and one of the inmates taught me to knit some bags for sale and this helped me and I am now raising some money from it.

“I am in jail, but relieved now. It is my prayer that God restores my stolen heart, gives me another chance to live a realistic, and not fake life.”

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