‘I no longer need drama in my life’

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‘I no longer need drama in my life’


Edwin Nhukarume, Entertainment Reporter

Afro pop artiste Garry Tight says he has discovered who he is and transformed to a mature artiste.

The crooner, who is son to the popular musician Willom Tight, said last year was his period of discovering himself, hence explaining why he was quiet.

He also admitted that the controversies were part of his growing up period and that will never happen again.

“I have been quiet for the greater part of the whole of last year as I was trying to find out who I am and what I really a stand for.

“Last year has given me a period to reflect on my past and rectify the mistakes I have done.

“The stories that I made headlines with girls and some stuff that seemed controversial are now a thing of the past,” said Garry Tight.

“I stayed away from music last year for this purpose to grow and discover myself. I only did one project mid last year when I released the single Zviroto featuring Ti Gonzi.

“I am now settling down and I no longer need drama in my life.

“There is now a daughter in my life by the name Reingh and she is three months old.

“This also explains the reason why I am settling down, I now have a responsibility in my life,” he added.

The 25-year-old said he has a good relationship with his father.

“My father is my best friend. He is very supportive.

Gary Tight

“He has been with me through the hard times and we shared ideas.

“He will temporarily halt his music tour just to come and support me during my album launch.

“He is currently in Switzerland for music tour with Dino Mudondo.

“My father is a loving, caring and humble person,” he said.

The Afro pop artiste said he learnt how to write and to appreciate the venecular language from his father.


“My father is a very good at writing. He writes rich shona *inonaka*.

“I have also learnt those writing skills from him like the way he writes and the lyrical content.

“He has taught me that shona is a rich language that can make good expressions nice to listen to,” he told H-Metro.

Garry Tight said his father groomed and prepared him well to become better musician.

“My father wasn’t an instrument player when he started music.

“It could be the reason he sent me to college music for lessons and I can now play instruments like acoustic guitar and mbira.

“He made sure that I am a better musician,” said Garry Tight.

“My father played a part from the beginning since I was in the womb.

“I was raised in a musical family and I would like to thank him for that,” he added.

Garry Tight denied that he is riding on the fame of his father.

“I am my own. Me and my father we are two different artistes and people.

“I have done my own songs as Garry Tight and people have accepted me for me.

“On my forthcoming album called titled Nzira yangu there will be no feature. I just want to show people that I am doing it my own way.

“I also want to continue from where my father left. If you compare the music they used to do in the past is now different as compared to what is now being released these days.

Gary Tight and Ti Gonzi

“I want to fulfill some things that artistes in the past like my father couldn’t fulfill in terms of music.

“Music has changed,” he said.

Garry Tight, who was a music teacher at his former school – Churchill Boys High – from 2015 to 2019, said his father played a role in linking him with the late Dr Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi.

Despite saying that he did not take advantage of his father’s fame, Garry Tight reckons that his father and Tuku played a major role in his musical career.

“My father and Tuku were good friends. He was like a personal favourite of Tuku.

“Tuku used to help my father a lot.

“I was invited to perform at a festival at Pakare Paye Arts Centre by Tuku through my father.

“Tuku had also heard that there is someone singing like his late son Sam since I used to sing his songs in the Churchill jazz band.

“So Tuku invited me to his festival and that is how I started a relationship with the legend,” said Garry Tight.

“I, however, stole Tuku’s heart when I performed the song Cheziya at Jah Prayzah’s album launch – Kumbumura Mhute.

“He was surprised and mesmerised when I was performing that song and he came close to the stage to see me performing.

“After that I became close to him receiving support and treatment like his own son.

“He became my mentor and I am grateful for this opportunity I got as it was not easy to come by.

“I would want to thank my father for making it possible for me to get mentorship from Tuku. I really appreciate,” said Garry Tight.

Garry Tight has released several singles and he is set to release his debut album titled Nzira Yangu at East Point on March 13 in the capital.

The album produced by Munya Vialy based in Canada carries 12 tracks called Simba Mukaka, Wakandibereka, Take Take, Ishe, Ziverere, Zimukwende, Wakakosha, Tiwirirane, Ndichakumirira, Nguva Yakwana, Kune Rima and the title track Nzira Yangu.

The album launch will be graced by supporting acts such as Ninja Kid, Alexio, Terry Africa, Extra Large, Ishan, Kinnah, Bob Nyabinde among others.


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