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‘I ONCE DIED’ – SANYANGORE Pastor Paul Sanyangore


1 September 2016


Pastor Sanyangore

Pastor Sanyangore

CONTROVERSIAL miracles preacher Pastor Paul Sanyangore has done a number of things that many up to now still question.

He says some of the things he does, he has experienced them. H-Metro’s Blessing Masakadza (BM) spoke to the preacher (PS) on a number of subjects affecting Christians or the church nowadays such as arrest of preachers, opening up on his life, why people pay for their services . . . read on

BM: What is it that people do not know about you?

PS: What I may tell you is that some of the things that I have done (miracles) I have experienced them.

BM: Are you saying for example have you died and resurrected?

PS: (laughs) Yes and my mother can testify. I could have died at birth after being diagnosed with a heart problem. My mother was told that I have a few days to live. She said on her way home I passed out and it took one lady to notice that something was wrong with me and she rushed with to a doctor at Park Town shopping centre (Dr Chikwava) and I was pronounced dead. While she was crying outside and pondering for next move she returned to the room where I was and she found me back to life. She says she does not know what happened only knows that she found me breathing again and the heart problem had disappeared.

BM: Can you describe the life of a man of God?

PS: It is a sacrificial life. I’m sacrificed to the altar. I’m a qualified engineer but I cannot go to work.

Above all it is strange. Somethings I encounter are hard and stranger than fiction. I do not share some of the things even with my wife. Imagine telling someone that I woke up with my head shaven or with bread in my house that I did not buy or having money in my pocket, ndotonzi ndine chikwambo chinorutsa mari. But as the word says, as He is, so are we. It was not easy at first, I would cry or run till I learnt that it is the life.

BM: How do you cope with the public?

PS: It is hard, at times I feel like a slave. I have to stay home most of the times because appearing in public usually results in chaos. I wish to go to the stadium to watch Dynamos playing but I can’t. I can wake up on a Monday trying to rest but I cannot because people will be waiting at my house for prayers. Some people out there wish to be like the men of God but I tell you one day in their shoes will be hard for you.

Pastor Sanyangore praying for people

Pastor Sanyangore praying for people

BM: What pains you more?

PS: The same people you pray for and deliver are the people who want to pull you down. This is not only to me but all the men of God. They are the same people who speak ill of you. Another thing, being labelled fake is the greatest insult not only to me but the one who sent me. You will be doubting that God has no power to do things through me.

BM: You have been given lots of names, some even curse at you, how do you withstand the criticism?

PS: It is hard to withstand some of the things that people say. Kutukwa mumapepa, pa radio hazvisi nyore but the word is there to support me. Like Paul said, I’m a servant of God. Kunzi ndakabata mushonga apa pamusiwo wen’anga handipazive, it’s not easy.

BM: Do you regret having prophetic powers or have you at times thought of quitting?

PS: At one point I said I was not going to do any miracle again but God spoke to me and asked me a question, is about you or Me? So even if I want or wish to quit, it is no longer about me, I have no choice but to serve He who sent me.

BM: Some have for long asked the question why churches, yours, included concentrate much on miracles and not the word?

Chipeta 3 - Pastor Sanyangore and wife

Pastor Sanyangore and wife

PS: Miracles are a product of the word. I cannot perform miracles without the word in me. The word is the basis of all miracles. Those who are not having miracles in their congregations are lacking in the word, actually they do not believe in the word they are preaching. If the word says we will do like what Christ and his disciples did then why are they not doing so? They do not have faith in the word they are preaching. They want the congregation to believe in the word they are preaching but they themselves do not believe in it. Wabva kuparidza kuti Jesu akaporesa zvirema iwe wozviramba nekuti zvaitwa nemumwe mufundisi. More miracles means more word, for the word says all things are possible with God.

BM: What do you think is the greatest miracle?

PS: Salvation on its own is the greatest miracle. Kutendeutswa kubva muzvakaipa mukuziva Jesus. That is the greatest miracle. One who has been a drunkard or drug addict for long being converted to leave such things, that alone is the greatest miracle.

BM: What is the relevance of such miracles?

PS: They are there to prove the existence of God if it is done and credited to the power of the Lord. They are evidence of the power of God and ultimately to boost people’s faith. Some people up to now doubt the existence of the power of God and the miracles are there to clear that doubt.

BM: What is a miracle in your own words?

PS: It is the supernatural which cannot be explained in the natural realm. Ukaona wakutsanangura miracle then that is not one. When it occurs it’s the supernatural at work, beyond the natural comprehension. The problem is with people trying to explain a miracle in the natural realm. This is where the word comes in. it should be the basis of all miracles. If a miracle happens to people with the word it will be easy for them to comprehend it.

BM: What do you say about claims of juju?

PS: Such talk is there because miracles are strange. Minana nekuti hainzwisisike. All the power belongs to God, even the power that Satan has comes from God. Why would I go to the devil for power if I can go straight to God and get the power? Such talk shows that some people doubt the power of God. They believe Satan has more power than God. God can do anything as it is written in the word, juju for what?

BM: Maybe they will be challenging the source of your power?

PS: Just ask and I will share with you. My power comes from my relationship with God through his son Jesus Christ. I would advise one never to stop doing what made you who you are which makes me consistent with my prayer life and fasting. Know more about the word and you will be able to do anything. The word gives me the strength.

Sanyangore and wife on radio

Sanyangore and wife on radio

BM: Pastors getting arrested on several allegations involving theft, fraud and sexual offences, what is your take?

PS: We have to understand that when something happens it will be more spiritual than physical and all we have to do is to pray. If I can pray for you, you also have to pray for me as a man of God. It is an attack of the devil on the kingdom of God. In all this, let us always remember that the devil is the enemy and we should up our prayers. Whether the allegations will be true or false, just know that the agenda of the devil is to tarnish and soil the image of God and the church and his servants.

BM: We have not heard you giving a prophecy about the country?

PS: It is all about calling. My calling was to show the people the existence of the power of God and that is shown through all the miracles. Mukatoona ndisisazviite then it’s not me. I cannot do something that I have not been ordered to do. Even in the bible, there were many prophets and each one of them had a specific calling and role to play.

BM: Pastor on another note, what does it mean when a man of God says they have the power to kill?

PS: It is possible. The power of God is dual, it is not one way. I have seen God demonstrating such power. Peter would not have resurrected Dorcas if did not have the power to kill Ananias. Elijah could not have locked the rains if he didn’t have the power to unlock the rains. 2Kings 5 tells us about Elisha. Elisha did the same cleansing of Naaman’s leprosy and pronouncing the same on Gehazi.

BM: Ever-since the ‘walking’ on water incident, I understand the pool site has become a hive of activity, what is happening?

PS: Water is spiritually significant, it represents life (1John 5:6ff). Water speaks of the blood, spirit of Jesus. People are being delivered of various ailments. If I tell you that HIV patients are delivered you might think I’m lying but it is happening.

BM: Why do people pay for the pool service?

PS: a lot of things are involved there. You must understand that the place needs rentals. We have people who now work there and they also need to be remunerated. The pool needs chemicals for cleansing, toilets need detergents. Those with guest houses will tell you. There is need for food, security and other expenses involved.

BM: This brings me to the question on many people’s mouths why do churches nowadays seemingly concentrate on money?

PS: We all have to understand that the gospel is free but the means of taking the gospel to the people is not free. People come to church in numbers and they all want to seat, the chairs are hired, the speakers are hired, we pay rentals at the halls we use. When people see huge numbers at the church they think the many of God is smiling all the way home with money but to tell you the truth, that is not so. At times I fork out money from my own pocket to pay for some of the services. If you see thousands of people at prophet Makandiwa or apostle Vutabwashe’s churches, imagine the size of PA system that is needed to address them? Do you think that comes for free?

BM: Your last words man of God?

PS: Pray for your church leaders as they also pray for you.

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