I once got 1kg gold: Thabani

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I once got 1kg gold: Thabani Thabani


9 June 2018

. . . I spent the money on booze


THABANI Gazi, 19, who led a ring of artisanal miners in raping prostitutes in Battlefields says he once got 1kg of gold and won’t quit illegal gold panning.

He says gold panning is his only source of livelihood and he is raring to go back to his profession after spending time in jail.

“I don’t want to dwell on what happened in that video because I do not feature there. All I want to do is to go back and do mining as well as drinking beer.

“Gold is my way out and that is my wish that when I leave this place I will go out there and begin serious work.

“I am ok here in jail. I don’t complain but it is everyone’s wish to be released one day after being jailed.

“I only think about my time here as well as my gold panning activities. Otherwise everything is well here.

“I know I will pick up the pieces and be great again.

“Takatombobata 1kg and we went on top of the game.

“People know us when we spend money at the Gazebo (Bar at BF) there.

“I will be there very soon,” said Thabani.

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