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I SEE THE HAND OF GOD: MADAM BOSS Madam boss with (from left) Fantan, Abisha Palmer, Andy Zimunya and Levelz


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NEWLY appointed Twelve O Two Herbal Solutions brand ambassador Tyra “Madam Boss” Chikocho says she sees the hand of the lord in her life.

The mother of one says she will deliver in her new ambassadorial role and she also has a testimony of the power of herbs.

The most sought after comedienne told H-Metro that herbs have always been part of our culture.

Madam Boss with Twelve O Two Herbal Solutions staff

“I’m one person who supports the use of herbs because they have been part of life for long.

“If you look back at our culture, you will realise that our elders relied much on herbs and we need to embrace them as well,” she said.

Madam Boss said it was high time we resort to traditional medicines since they are still available.

“I have seen people getting healed here because some of the medication we seek in places like India are sold here at Twelve 0 Two Herbal Solutions.

“What people need now is to have education about the use of herbs and have faith in us,” she said.

Madam Boss, who will be working with Chillspot Family of comprising Levelz, Ribhe and Fantan along with chanter and club wheel-spinner Abisha Palmer during roadshows, outlined her roles.

Madam Boss in discussion with Andy Zimunya

“My role comprises educating people on the use of herbs through roadshows and my social media platforms.

“Being the face of this organisation, enlightening people on the use of herbs as well as meeting some of the people with testimonies is also important.

“I had a relative who had swollen legs and that person got help here at Twelve O Two after seeking medication at a number of hospitals in the country.

“We had exhausted all the savings we had and only managed to get help in form of herbs,” she said.

Madam boss with (from left) Fantan, Abisha Palmer, Andy Zimunya and Levelz

In another interview, Fantan who will be working with the organizations, said it was high time young people embraced herbs from reputable people.

“Some of us grew up in the ghetto where herbs are sold by people mainly of Malawian origin.

“The advantage we now have is that we are getting them from reputable people and chances of getting fake herbs are now slim.

“So in a way, Twelve 0 Two has come as a panacea to those who need herbs from reputable sources.

“It’s never too late for people to take herbs but education is needed among the young people on the advantage of taking herbs ,” he said.

Fantan said he was ready to work with Madam Boss and the organisation.

“Now that we are now part of Twelve O Two, it means we are now one big family with a role to play.

“Being chosen among other dancehall artistes and selectors means a lot to us as a stable.

“We are going to ensure that we don’t disappoint our bosses and we have never disappointed anyone wherever we go.

“We are committed towards working with Twelve O Two Herbal Solutions and Madam Boss on this issue,” he added.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Twelve O Two Herbal Solutions boss Any Zimunya who is looking forward to a good working relationship with Madam Boss and Chillspot Family.

Madam Boss with Chillspot’s Levelz

“We decided to choose Madam Boss as our brand ambassador after considering her professionalism.

“She is one professional person who has a huge influence in people’s lives; she has a huge fan base where we can also utilise her social media platforms to market our work.

“After all, she is not new in that role having done it for other organisations.

“She is going to be the face of our organisation. We want it to stretch for over five years or even more,” said Zimunya who initially gave Madam Boss a one-year tenure as their brand ambassador.

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