I sing hipu hopu not hip hop – Ti Gonzi

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I sing hipu hopu not hip hop – Ti Gonzi


21 June 2018


…I am a ghetto mouth piece: Ti Gonzi

Hip hop artist Ti gonzi real name Tinashe Gonzara, said he does not use the genre to brag about material things that he does not have, like other artists.

Rather, he sings about things that are real in his life and chooses to call his music hipu hopu because it’s all about the ghetto struggles and the life he sees around him.

“I was born and raised in the ghetto and this has influenced me so much and made me who I am lyrically and as well as my music style.

“Much of the hip hop being sung is uptown-ish and bragging about materials but I call my music hipu hopu yekuGhetto because I act as a mouth piece for ghetto stories, struggles and experiences.”

Ti Gonzi says there are many people who got influenced by his music as well as other rappers from the Ghetto.                        

Besides being one of the hard workers in the industry the rapper gets most of his inspiration from his life in general.

“I get inspired by a lot of things, my life, what I know, what I have learnt, hear, believe, think, feel, visualize and dream about, in short my society  as well as societies around me.

“I always try to be different and convey a new message,” he said.

The rapper is touted for once saying some Zim dancehall artists do not bath but he does not recall saying that.

“I don’t remember saying that. It happens with freestyles because I will be rhyming premeditated lyrics. But if I said “some” then probably it’s still the case.”

Asked if hip hop artists have hygiene the rapper did not hesitate to speak for his fellow mates.

“Hip hop artists are very smart, vanochena.

“It’s the industry that’s just hasn’t been accepted by many.”

Asked if there are enough promoters in the industry the rapper said that they are there but just not enough.

“I think real promoters with real deals do not believe in hip hop yet, I understand it’s hard to switch genres as a promoter and take risk of what you have never tried.

“I guess as hip hop artists we still have a lot to prove.

The rapper who seems to be quiet at the moment took the congested traffic in music this year as a strategy to develop himself as he focusses on other things.

“A lot of artists have been dropping albums but I just thought people still need time to consume my past material.

“I have new music videos for All I Need single and Misi haifanane off Best mero Album, to be released anytime from now as well as Ndinovaviwa video.

“I have been working on an album but I won’t tell a lot about it now,” he said.

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