‘I sleep in the toilet’

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‘I sleep in the toilet’


A CITY woman has sensationally claimed that she sleeps in the toilet each time she denies her husband sex.

Moud Madziwa bared her soul at the Harare Civil Court where she applied for a protection order against her husband Tawanda Macheka.

Moud said: “Your Worship, I am being abused by my husband to the extent that he chases me away from the house or makes me sleep in the toilet.

“He always harasses the children using vulgar language. If I deny him conjugal rights, he assaults me.”

Moud added:

“Whenever I sleep outside our room, it is because I would have denied him sex and he chases me away from the bedroom telling me that I have to go and sleep with the children or in the toilet.”

In response, Tawanda said:

“Your Worship, we divorced and how can I ask for sex from her.

“During my absence, she enters my room without my permission and searches for money and I could not find my cellphone which l bought for my sister.

“She refused to vacate my premises and she is the one who always wants to force me to have unprotected sex.”

Magistrate Sharon Tatenda Chipanga granted the protection order in Madziwa’s favour.

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