I started sungura after Independence: Madzibaba

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I started sungura after Independence: Madzibaba Madzibaba Nicholas Zacharia


Praise Masvosva, Entertainment Reporter

SUNGURA musician Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria says he likes raggae music more than sungura.

The Khiama Boys founder said he is ready to record more of reggae songs if he gets support.

Zakaria, who was born on April 5 in 1956, told this publication that when he ventured into music in 1975, he was more of reggae and Simanje-Manje artiste.

“When I ventured into music in 1975 I was more of a reggae artiste and I used to listen to Simanje-Manje music.

“Simanje-Manje music was from South Africa and I used to entertain people at farms which are close to Mazowe where I grew up.

“I wasn’t taking music serious, it was just a child’s play up until I discovered that I was charming people.

“I listened much to South African music but my spoken Ndebele or Zulu languages remained a big problem,” he said.

The Mazano singer said he ventured into sungura after Zimbabwe attained its Independence in 1980.

“Sungura had more support so I decided to focus more on sungura because Simanje-Manje and reggae were not that popular.

“When System Tazvida joined me after Independence we used to perform more of reggae songs.

“Our shows seemed half reggae and half sungura,” he said.

He added:

“Reggae up to this date, it has no much support but to me it’s still my favourite.

“I make sure I drop one reggae song on each every album and I do the song in Chewa.

“I have done songs like Samalani which is on Mbuva Yeupenyu album, Siku from Ruvheneko album, Tizikumbukila which is on Inzwa Unzwe album and Kuthokoza (Tokundika here) among others.

“If I get full support I can sing reggae only and even leave sungura for good.”

As Zimbabwe her celebrates 40 years of Independence on April 18, Madzibaba Zakaria said music before Independence was far much better.

“Before Independence, music was far much better  and a few years after Independence.

“After that, things deteriorated up to this day.

“Back then we used to get little but it meant a lot to us,” he said.

He also told this publication that after attaining Independence it brought social evils like piracy, bogus promoters and inflation among other undesirable traits.

“We are not enjoying music because of piracy and also the birth of bogus promoters.

“Some people are milking us in the name of shows.

“We also cherish the fact that we are now independent and we now do things at our own pace,” he said.

Madzibaba Zakaria who has four children (three boys and a girl) also said music has taken him far.

“I am a family man and I have four children who are supportive.

“I now have grandchildren too.

“Music has taken me to another place and I want to thank everyone who support my works.”

The veteran musician has 27 albums to his credit and he also said he is already in the studio working on a new project which will hit the market this year.





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