‘I want $500’

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‘I want $500’


Kudzaishe Chikuturudzi, Court Reporter

A Harare woman has hauled her ex-husband to court for refusing to maintain their child.

Zvikomborero Nyembezi appeared at the Harare Civil Court against her husband Foward Chisoma whom she accused of neglecting their child.

“I want $500 to take care of my child who is still four months old.

“He owns a shop and so he is able to offer $500 for his own child.

“He doesn’t have another wife or any children but he seems to be failing to take care of his child; he did not even buy any preparation clothes for his child.”

She added:

“He has been lying that his shop is no longer giving him profit but he also gets some income from his printing machine,” said Nyembezi.

Chisoma insisted that he is not working and things have been tough.

“I can only offer $100 for maintenance because at the moment I am not working.

“My printing machine is not working and it is the only source of income I used to have.

“The shop which she thinks belongs to me is not even mine,” said Chisoma.

Presiding magistrate Sheilah Nanzombe ordered Chisoma to pay $300 every month.










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