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In showbiz there are artistes who would not throw in the towel no matter how long they take to make a breakthrough.

One such artiste in Chimanimani bred chanter D Nomarah who has now clocked over 80 singles but still to make it to the top.

He however remains patient wait for this day to the promised land of Canaan. In today’s instalment of From The Horse’s Mouth, D Nomarah reflects on his gruelling journey. Read on …



My name is Norman Mupunga, a 23-year-old Zim dancehall artiste plying his trade in the capital city.

I was born and bred in Chimanimani, Manicaland where I did both my primary and secondary education.


Growing up, I have always liked body-building and music.


I passionately followed my first love after completing my high school at Chaseyama Secondary School.

I then decided to venture into Zim dancehall after relocating to Mutare years later since it was the in-thing then.


In showbiz I use the moniker D-Nomarah, which I got from my fans in Manicaland before relocating to the capital.


To date, I have done 80 singles but still itching to make a breakthrough.


Eighty singles might sound a huge figure for someone who is yet to test fame but I won’t throw in the towel.


The more I release singles the more I smell success and breakthrough.


As a rising artiste, I started singing at a tender age and my passion grew while in high school.


I’m following in the footsteps of Freeman, the HKD boss who happens to be my role model.


Freeman is one of the most versatile chanters who is evolving with each passing day and I have an exemplary role model.


I wish to meet him for mentorship so that I can make it to the stars like him and his mentees.



As an upcoming chanter itching for recognition, lack of airplay has been my biggest letdown.


In showbiz, you need to have the right connections to be able to get favours.


This has always been the trend world-over where payola has made some of the artistes big.


Another challenge that I face is that I’m yet to establish myself in the capital where there is still stiff competition.


Harare is the capital where all things can take a shape by if your structures are weak, it’s hard to make a breakthrough and make it to the elite league of stars.


However, I have since roped in a new management that is determined to catapult my brand to acclaim.


I’m just patiently waiting for my time to come so that I will be remembered as a hard-working who have seen it all before passing the knowledge to new stars.


As a chanter, I can safely say I have recorded over 80 singles, which are of superior quality.


However, the only challenge I have is lack of airplay and I just pray that one-day God will answer my prayers.


So far, my four singles – Hunzenza, Chitororo, Chingwa and Chenjedzo – have been doing well on the charts.


I feel happy each time that I hear my songs being played on reputable radio stations such as Star FM, Diamond FM, Power FM and Nyami Nyami.


Despite that I don’t get a lot of airplay, I appreciate the few times that my music is played because it really encourages me to continue working hard.


It’s unfortunate that some of the people don’t understand how important radio is in marketing our music and if you ask any artiste, they will tell you that they love radio.



Despite my love for music, I’m also a hustle who is into the business of buying and selling.


Currently, I’m a cellphone dealer at Dubai Mall along Cameron Street near Copacabana.


I’m paying my rentals and domestic bills from this business which is also sustaining my career.


I stay in Avondale where I’m leading a decent life owing to the earnings I get from my business.


Regarding my love life, I’m still available on the market but I will only marry when I get a nature yellow bone.


I have always loved light-skinned girls when I was growing up but I am a bit skeptical nowadays since natural ‘yellow bones’ are hard to come by.


It’s either you get those who changed their melanin with ageing yet we know they had a dark skin at a young age.


The level of deceit is shocking but I hope my natural yellow bone is there waiting for me.


Like any other artiste in Zimbabwe, I have not been spared from the effects of this lethal pandemic which has gripped the entire world.


I have lined-up a series of shows in Mutare, Mozambique  and Kadoma but the shows have been cancelled.


Despite the ban on live shows, I have not stopped building my claim which boasts of talented artistes.


These comprise SJ Banda who has been there for me since day one.


I have also recruited two more chanters – Jay Salad from Gweru and Mutare bred Junior Banda – as part of my clan.


My clique, dubbed Big Mero, is one of the promising stables set to propel an array of underground chanters that have been itching for recognition


We are steadily building our clique on lockdown so that we become a force to reckon with once we are given the greenlight to resume shows.



On a parting note, I would like to thank may handlers, DJ Banda  and family for their support.


We also want to thank our fans, music promoters and media – both print and electronic – for being the for us.


Thank You!


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