‘I want to be an African superstar’

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‘I want to be an African superstar’ Nicki Tait


Edwin Nhukarume, Entertainment Reporter

Chitungwiza based hip hop artiste Tatenda “Nicki Tait” Tobaiwa, who is inspired by Nicki Minaj, says her ambition is to be recognised as one of the best rappers in Africa.

Nicki Tait believes the sky is the limit and she has vowed to give her best in her quest to conquer the continent.

Nicki Tait believes the sky is the limit

“I have told myself that for one to achieve greatness they have to first dream to achieve their dreams.


“There is a journey I need to fulfill, and that is to be one of the best female rappers on the continent.


“I want to take Zim hip hop to another level and also making sure I produce good content with educative and inspiring message,” said Nicki Tait.


The 26-year-old said Beyonce and Nicki Minaj are her role models and they inspire her in her art.


“Beyonce and Nicki Minaj are black and influential women in the arts world globally.


“These are the artistes I will always refer to in terms of my aims when it comes to art.


“They are my benchmark of what I want to achieve in this music industry. And as weird as it may sound, that’s why my stage name is Nicki Tait,” she said.


“The struggles women face in this world also drive me to work hard and dream big.


“Our struggles inspire me so that one day I might be in a position to make a change.


“Women abuse and manipulation should stop,” she added.


Nicki Tait started recording professionally in 2015. She has several singles that include Move, Walk It, Drop It, Hamusati Mamboona and others. She has promised to drop her first EP titled Queen Regnant.


She has worked with producers such as FunF, Leekay, Brythreesixy and others.

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