I was put in wrong category: Baba Harare

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I was put in wrong category: Baba Harare


4 February 2019

Baba Harare and manager

GANGO music exponent, Baba Harare, reckons he was placed in the wrong category after he walked empty handed at the inaugural Star FM awards.

The 31-year-old body-building enthusiast was paired with Alick Macheso in the Best Sungura Song, which he feels was a wrong category.

He however congratulated Macheso and other winners for their victory at the glamorous awards ceremony.

“Mawards anga akarongeka and vakahwina makorokoto but ndine chikumbiro ngavaite category ye Jiti not kundiisa kuSungura,” he said after the awards ceremony.

Asked whether he was heart-broken or not, he said:

“I have no hard feelings at all because the nominations on their own mean I do exist and I am doing something notable.

“The nominations that I got will obviously give me strength to continue working hard in future.

“I am not a person who easily gets frustrated; I have been through a lot in my career and I will continue working hard.”

Baba Harare rose to acclaim with the track The Reason Why off his second album entitled Minamato YaRasta.

The track was well received for the greater part of 2018 and it was in huge rotation at weddings, parties and pubs.

Last month, he released his third album – Ramba Wakadzvanya – which is laden with jiti songs, a genre he has discovered as his.

Although he also prefers calling his genre – Gango Music – Baba Harare says he decided to revive the fast paced jiti genre after realising it had no takers.

The awards ceremony was held at Zimbali Gardens in Greendale, Harare.


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