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HELLO H-Metro readers and Zimbabwean showbiz followers.

I’m grateful to the Lord that I have made it into 2022 in good health and spirit.


I have been longing for this opportunity to reflect on the path I have travelled as an artist for the benefit of my old and new fans through your popular column, which gives little known acts the exposure.


By sharing some of the success stories, trials and tribulations, I would like to inspire future generations and fellow artists, especially the young ones to have faith in God all the time. Read on…



My name is Timothy Timothy, a seasoned gospel artist by God’s calling.


Many of my followers prefer calling me by the moniker, Evangelist Timothy.


I was born 33 years ago in Darwendale, Mashonaland West, in a family of three – two girls and a boy.


For my primary education, I attended Maringove Primary School in Darwedale.


Afterwards, I did my high school at Inkomo Barracks where I also sat for my Advanced Level certificate in the year 2006.


Both my parents (Shadreck Timothy and Alice Dausi) died in 2005 when was doing my Lower Six form, which meant that I had to fend for the family at a young age.


As a gospel artiste, I have released four albums with the fifth coming in April.


  • VISION  

As a gospel artist, my vision is to touch people’s hearts and restore their relationship with God.


It is also my desire to penetrate the regional market and eventually put Zimbabwe on the world map.


To ensure that I achieve all this, I will continue to work hard and invest a lot in my music.


Growing up in the rural areas, I used to listen a lot to Alick Macheso’s music along with Pastor Charles Charamba, the late Tongai Moyo and Blessing Shumba.


The aforementioned artists remain my role model as they sing music with substance.


Of course Macheso and Tongai Moyo are perceived to be secular musicians but their music is lyrically rich which can also help the Christian world.


I have always listened to good music without bias and favouritism.


As a recording artist, I now boast of four albums to my credit which have been embraced by the Christian world.


After years of singing in church, I have finally decided to release my debut album in 2015 titled Nyasha Panyasha, which helped me announce my arrival on the music landscape.


In 2016, I released a second album titled Mwari Haasekwe which was followed by Kudenga Kuna Mwari in 2017.


This album was followed by another album titled Ndini released in 2018 while.


Tsamba Kuna Asafi, my fifth, remains my latest album.


Currently, I’m working on a single titled Simuka Ushaine featuring Bethen Pasinawako due for release end of January.


In April, I will also release another album titled Ndaona Kakore which carries eight tracks.


These comprise Ndawana Makomborero, Hazvisi Zvevakafitwa, Tsoro Yashefu featuring Tatenda Pinjisi, Munorweiko, Rugare, Zvinopfuura, Musapomera Satan and Simuka Ushaine featuring Bethen Ngolomi.



I have done all my recordings with Lyton Ngolomi who understands my music and sound.


Ngolomi is one of the reputable producers who believes in talent and it was easy for us to work together.


On that note, I don’t see myself ditching him for another producer since I get really value from his touch.


If I were to change a producer, maybe it will be for variety’s sake but for now I will stick to Ngolomi.


Like any other artist plying his trade in Zimbabwe, it’s hard without funding.


In my case, I have been using my savings to record but there comes a time when it tough for an individual.


I’m really appealing for sponsorship or genuine benefactor to assist me to record my works to lessen the burden for me.


Without sponsorship, it still remains a challenge but I won’t throw in the towel.


As artists, we are living in an era where one needs to have a fallback plan.


I have realised that I need to do something for a living  and in my case I am an administrator in abattoir business.


I also work as an abattoir administrator at Mtangadura where my bosses Mr Joseph and Ellion Mtangadura have been supportive over the years.


I’m also one person who has been sitting on multiple talents as a youngster.


Growing up, I was a talented footballer who could easily have played overseas had it not for lack of exposure.


Academically, I was gifted while musically that where I finally settled.


I just thank God that he has decided to call me into music despite being multi-talented.


When it comes to matters of the heart, I was blessed with a loving wife Nyasha Revai Tembo.


With Nyasha, God blessed us with two kids Makanaka (girl) born in 2011 and a son Dominion born in 2015.


These are the people that I have been working on.


As an artist, I have had best and worst shows that will remain engraved in my mind.


I held my best show at Prophet T Freddy’s church in Glen View before it was razed down.


I also had a worst show in Banket when the sound engineer let us down.


We had to cancel the show to avoid further embarrassment.


On a parting shot, I would like to thank my family especially the wife for supporting my dream.


Secondly, I would like to thank Bishop Musa, my bosses at Mutangaz.


Lastly, I would like to thank the media for their support in making my music known.


I thank you.

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