I will be happy if Jah Love comes

08 Nov, 2018 - 16:11 0 Views
I will be happy if Jah Love comes Soul Jah Love


8 November 2018

Jah Love

South Africa based promoter, Eddie Mashayamombe, says he will be happy if dancehall star Soul Jah Love turns up for his make-up gig this Saturday in Pretoria.

Jah Love is billed to perform at House 28 the same venue he failed to pitch up for his gig last month.

His failure to turn up for the gig left property in the bar vandalised and Mashayamombe baying for his blood as he made a loss due to the incident.

However, the promoter said he had forgiven Soul Jah Love and will be a happy man if the Conquering Family boss pitches up for the show.

Eddie Mashayamombe

The bash also happens to be his birthday celebration and has been dubbed Eddie Birthday and Compensation Bash.

He however said they were mixed feelings amongst the fans with others still in doubt that Jah Love would pitch up.

UK based Roca Fella who is now managing the chanter said he will be flying to South Africa to make sure that everything goes well.

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