I will never rejoin Macheso: Slomo

22 Jul, 2016 - 14:07 0 Views
I will never rejoin Macheso: Slomo Franco Slomo


22 July 2016

. . . Macheso nurtured me to be who I am now

Franco Slomo

Franco Slomo

Extra Kwazvose leader Francis ‘Franco Slomo’ Dakha says he will never rejoin Alick Macheso because he feels fully mentored by the latter.

Speaking on the sidelines of his performance at Joy Centre in Highfield, Slomo, said:

“Thank you God for giving me parents, life, talent, helpers, fans and wisdom.

“I also thank you Mudhara Alick Macheso for the exposure.


“Our sungura fans expected me back KwaMudhara Macheso, yes, it shows that I was doing well with Mudhara.

“For Macheso’s legacy and my progress reasons, I could not rejoin Orchestra Mberikwazo while dumping Extra Kwazvose.

“Macheso mentored me and I have my own Franco Slomo brand.

“By going back to feed from my mentor, this was going to be a clear sign to the world that Macheso had failed to mentor an employee.

“I am Franco Slomo today because of Macheso’s wisdom in mentoring me.

“He is a King Maker.

“Vanondinongedzera vanenge vachiti, there is Macheso’s product, there is Macheso’s Franco,” Slomo said.

He also praised Suluman Chimbetu with who he worked.

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