Talent Gore and Maria Chiguvari

IF you know any of these THIEVES, please alert the police.

They are part of a syndicate of five thieves, who have been targeting shops around the Harare central business district (CBD), and have now been exposed through CCTV.

They were caught in the act stealing some lap tops.

They are so shameless they even use kids to try and deceive their victims.

The suspects move around as a family and they were recently captured on camera stealing two laptops.

One of the officials at the shop which was hit, who preferred anonymity, said that this was not the first time that they had fallen victim to these people.

“We’re really struggling, it’s a tough situation to be in as this is not the first time it has happened,” he said

“It always seems to be a group of people who cause issues of stealing in most shops. 

“Everyone in the shop was occupied during that time, they managed to fool the shop attendant by pretending to be interested in the laptop.

“It’s very difficult to even suspect that vanhu ava vanozivana, vakapinda pakasiyana ende vakabata vana so you won’t suspect anything.”

He added:

“From the way they are dressed, if you see them, you will think that they came from the rural areas and hence they actually want to buy because munoziva vanhu vefodya vakaita mari vanenge vachida kutenga tenga,” he said.

“If the staff are busy serving other customers they sneak in and steal without us realising.”

“This situation has left me with no choice but to invest into tight security by installing sensors on the entrance. Maybe, we can reduce the stealing.

“The stealing of electronic gadgets has increased, recently a shop in our line of business faced the same issue.

“I can tell you a number of shops that have fallen victim to these people.”

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