‘I’ll marry sister in law’

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‘I’ll marry sister in law’


10 September 2018

A 39-year-old sex offender at Bindura Prison has said he will make it necessary that he marries his wife’s sister who he bedded leading to his incarceration.

Batsirai Chikwira said his love for his 15-year-old sister in-law is so strong that he is willing to wait for her to grow older and then marry her.

“I was arrested last year on May 23 and I am supposed to leave this place on 3 January next year.

“I have two wives and as I was preparing to marry my first wife’s sister I was arrested for having sexual intercourse with her since she is a minor.

“She is young but I love her with all my heart that is why even when I am here I think about her.

“The fact that I was arrested has not changed the love I have for her, I still love her the same way I did before I came to this place.

“That is why I am going to make sure that when I leave this place I am going to wait for her to be an adult and when she is old enough I will marry her,” said Batsirai.

He also thanked his two wives for being supportive in these months that he has been in jail.

“I am a blessed man because my two wives have been supportive all this time that I have been in prison.

“They have been visiting me with food; my wives get along with each other mainly because of our religious background,” he said.

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