‘I’ll sign divorce papers’

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‘I’ll sign divorce papers’


Rumbidzai Rambanapasi, Court Reporter

A Glen Norah woman claims her husband has been assaulting her using a broom stick and accusing her of infidelity.

Ginny Gumbonzvanda has approached the Harare Civil Court for a protection order against her husband Jabulani Nyathi.

“I am tired of being physically, verbally and emotionally abused by him saying that I am having extra marital affairs.

“I want the court to protect me from him because it seems like he enjoys inflicting pain on me and whenever we meet he assaults me using a broom stick.

“We are not staying together at the moment because of his abusive behaviour and we have not yet filed divorce papers,” said Gumbonzvanda.

Gumbonzvanda also told the court that she wants to be given permission to collect her property.

“I want to be given access by the court to collect my property from Nyathi.

“I also want him to be barred from all forms of communication because I am still at a college and don’t want to be disturbed,” she said.

Nyathi told the court to grant Gumbonzvanda protection order.

“Your worship you can grant her that order because I never assault or insult her.

“I don’t have any problem to be barred from communicating with her but I am the one who sent her to college and paying school fees.

“I am willing to surrender her property and to process for the divorce papers,” said Nyathi.

Presiding magistrate Noah Gwatidzo granted the protection order in Gumbonzvanda’s favour.

Nyathi was ordered not to physically or verbally abuse the applicant and not to communicate with her.


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