Illegal beer syndicate busted

30 Apr, 2020 - 11:04 0 Views
Illegal beer syndicate busted


Zvikomborero Parafini, H-Metro Reporter

An illegal beer syndicate in Warren Park D, popularly known as KwaMereki, was yesterday busted by Municipal Police after their container full of beer was demolished.

The City Council team was in Warren Park D on their ongoing blitz to demolish illegal structures for an organised post Covid-19.

The illegal alcohol syndicate was operating from a container servicing Mereki and surrounding areas and it was reported that they spent the whole night trying to empty the containers but hadn’t finished when the police arrived.

Amongst the beer removed right before the container was destroyed were some spirits which are reported to be illegal and imported from Mozambique, lagers, whiskeys and opaque beers.

Some of the beer was way past their expiry dates in the past years.

On-lookers were quoted saying that was probably the reason why people usually get sick when they drink beer from that container that was operating as a bottle store.

“Ndosaka doro renyu richirwarisa nekuti rawora, you just deceive us by putting it in the fridge and affordable prices,” he said.

One who appeared to be in charge said they had bought the beer in bulk over the years to build their stock but they were no longer selling the expired, which leaves a lot to be desired.

The owner of the shop pleaded with the council police to spare his shops because he had ‘made a few calls’ which was not to be as they gave him a five minute timeline to finish removing his goods before it was demolished.

Some residents who were watching were happy that the containers where destroyed because they were believed to have been selling illicit beer and drugs to the youths in the area.

“Tafara chapazwa ichi vechidiki vange vapararira ipapa nekutenga zvinodhaka, the young ones where buying illegal beer and drugs here which were damaging their lives, this exercise is a necessary evil,” said one Gogo Gwaze.



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