‘I’m a boudoir model’

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‘I’m a boudoir model’


1 February 2019

…model defends nude shoots

A 19-YEAR-OLD commercial model revealed that she makes a living from posing for nude pictures.

Whitney Masike said she has finished her first month in the business and has earned a couple of dollars out of it.

“I am so happy because I am now venturing into a new type of modelling that is not yet common in our country,” she said.

Whitney sells her pictures in her birthday suit to different countries.

“I am developing to be a bouidor model where I will be advertising lingerie and also doing nudity photography.

“For the past month that I have started this type of modelling I have managed to pay my own bills and I have also opened an online lingerie boutique where I am also selling shoes,” she said.

Whitney added that she felt comfortable having nude pictures taken.

“I don’t only take nude pictures but some I will be wearing bikini and on others I will be naked but painted.

“I don’t have a problem with being photographed naked; I actually feel comfortable with such shoots.

“But I usually want to have such pictures taken whilst music is playing so that the photographer does not get affected by my body,” she said.

“I have two brands that I am working with in Zimbabwe and in South Africa. I have a certain woman who helps me in distributing my pictures.

“These pictures are usually put on calendars and some on adult magazines,” she said.

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