I’m at peace with myself, says Pauline

Maria Chiguvari

SONGBIRD and women’s activist, Pauline Gundidza, says being in the background has helped her live a clean life.

She revealed this at the third “Musicable Project” panel discussion, which was held in Mutare by POVOAfrika, on Saturday.

She has been mentoring Chipo Muchegwa.

The Mafriq founder said when she used to be in the spotlight she had to deal with a lot of pressure.

“There are some artists who used to be popular years ago but now are business owners, brand ambassadors, and every artist has their path.

“I am grateful and happy with my path.

“Being a celebrity, you will be only focusing on yourself, you will be making money but it’s not a fulfilling world. As everyone knows, I once had an alcoholic problem, a lot of that exposure came from the music industry, singing in night clubs, bars.

“People can say that the fact that I have shifted my focus into the corporate and social industry is because handisikurira but it has helped me with my rehabilitation and now I am actually pushing against substance abuse and it’s a cleaner trade.

“At the moment we are in a clean space, not a bar, no one is smoking in our faces. It’s a very decent place,” she said.

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