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RENOWNED sculptor-cum-musician, Bryn Taurai Mteki, says he is back in showbiz after trying his hand in politics.

Better known as SekuruTau, the gifted composer, who recently quit the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) forum to rejoin the ruling party, said he has always loved music and stone sculpture.

He said the arts propelled him to stardom and he was only making a comeback.

The African roots music exponent, who has lined up a series of shows during the Heroes Holidays, said he was determined to reclaim his position in showbiz.

“I’m back in showbiz after quitting POLAD to rejoin my party that I have always loved.

“When I left music to contest for the Presidency, I made my announcement clear that I had quit music for another challenge.

“However, I have realised that it was high time that I retraced to my roots and rejoin ZANU PF, which prompted me to leave POLAD,” he said.

Sekuru Tau said he had missed fans owing to his demanding schedule as a politician.

“When I contested for the Presidency in 2018, I realised that politics kept me away from the fans, who have been longing for my music,” he said.

Now, in his late 40s, SekuruTau, who made his name at the turn of the millennium, after releasing the song Nora featuring the late political commissar Elliot Manyika, believes in collaborations.

“Now, that I am back in showbiz, fans can look forward to major collaborations, before year end.

“I have collaborated with Koffi (Olomide) on the song Munongovhaira and I have other collabos with Thomas Mafumo in the pipeline.

“And another one with the likes of Philip Chiyanga and D’Banj, which shows that I am really serious about this comeback,” he said.

He added:

“We have been holding shows in recent weeks and I would like to tell my fans that I am back.

“I am hoping to have permanent slots so that people can come and watch me on stage.

“I had missed the stage and I am back in full swing.”

Meanwhile, SekuruTau has permanent slots at some of the capital’s upmarket venues.

On Wednesdays, he performs at Zim Café.

Tomorrow, he plays at Club Lakers (Kuhuku) in Hillside.

On Monday, he will hold another show at Ruwa’s Leisure Centre.

He also performs at Mushandirapamwe Hotel in Highfield on Thursdays as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations.

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