‘I’m comfortable kissing on TV’

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‘I’m comfortable kissing on TV’


17 January 2019

The sky is the limit for promising actress Rutendo Karipfuwa who has made her name through her acting prowess in the local drama called KuChina, H-Metro’s ADORATION BIZURE had a wide interview with the talented actress over her past present and future aspirations.

Q: Can you tell us a brief history of yourself?

A: My name is Rutendo Karipfuwa, I am 21 years old, I was born in Harare in a family of two girls and I am the first born.

Q: When did you start acting?           

A: I started acting in High school at Kambuzuma High School, I joined the drama club and that was how it all started.

Then in 2016, I started doing professional acting, the first production I was part of was a comedy called ‘The word we live in’ after that I casted in a drama called KuChina which I am currently part of.

Q: What kind of acting roles are you mainly interested in?

A: I think I am able to act any role on set as long as I have a good director who will direct me on what exactly I am supposed to deliver.

However, I have characters that I personally love playing on set, like acting as a victim because I find myself comfortable with those kind of roles and I don’t put much effort in doing it.

Q: Whilst you’re on set, do you have certain things that you restrict yourself from doing?

“When I am acting I can do anything on set because I am one person who doesn’t get attached to anything that happens on set.

This is why I don’t mind kissing or having love scenes on set.

Q: Has your family and friends accepted your career?

A: I am so grateful with the support that I have been getting from my friends and family.

They have made me feel confident on set because they have always told me that I am so good.

Q: Apart from instilling confidence in you what other form of support do they give you?

A: A lot, they assist me financially, through prayers and I know they are my biggest fans.

Q: There are some people who associate acting with immorality, what’s your take?

A: Everyone is entitled to their opinion but for me acting is just like any other career and those who make such assumptions are people who possibly have not had the opportunity of interacting with actors.

Acting in not the only profession that is stigmatized by people, but what is most important is to stay focused and to be true to yourself with what you do.

The moment you allow people to define your profession or your passion, automatically you lose your identity and you will end up seeing yourself that way.

Q: Basing on your experiences, what other challenges that are also faced by actresses?

A: There are a lot of Zimbabweans who love film productions but I feel we are not yet getting enough platforms to showcase our talents.

Local movie houses mainly show Hollywood movies and the only time that one can see local productions is when a local film is being premiered.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

A: If everything goes according to my plan I am hoping that in five years’ time I would have produced my own film and I am also looking forward to be part of a foreign production.

Q: Which country exactly?

A: I think any serious and ambitious actor or actress dreams to one day be cast in a Hollywood film, I grew up watching American movies and that is why I would want to be part of an American production.

I believe acting in a Hollywood film is the best achievement any actress or actor could make.

Q: What are your words to anyone who wishes to start acting as a career?

A: Before they start, I think it is important for them to ask themselves if they are really sure of the decision that they have made. They have to be sure because it is certainly not an easy road.

If you start acting for the wrong reasons you will definitely quit when challenges come your way but if you are doing it for the right reasons then you will overcome challenges in the industry.

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