‘I’m here to preserve Dhewa legacy’

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‘I’m here to preserve Dhewa legacy’



It feels good contributing to this column at a time when I am just starting my career.

As a son of a music legend, I know I won’t surpass my father but I will do my best to keep my father’s legacy alive.

Of course my brother Peter is trying his best but as someone who is equally capable, I am just praying that I do my best to ensure that I fulfil my father’s wish. I will do what he has always loved which is music.

I am currently working with one of the founder members of Utakataka Express who is Ronnie Mudhindo.

By the way, it was Ronnie who also helped Peter before he was snapped up by the big fish.

I short, I am just praying that accept me as Obert Tongai Moyo Junior.

I am neither in competition nor out to cause confusion but  I hope my music will do the taking while I take a back seat.


My name is Tongai Obert Moyo. I was born at Kwekwe General Hosptial and bred in the Midlands city.

I was born in a family of eight children – three boys and five girls and me being the fourth child.

As for my education, I started school at Sesombe Primary School our rural home and transferred to Kwekwe Primary school.

Afterwards, I did my secondary first year at Loreto High School then later moved to Manunure High School in Mbizo, Kwekwe.

Then in 2014, l left Kwekwe for Harare to finish my O Level studies then firstly it was Manyame Park and lastly it was Kenzim College where I passed with flying colours.

In Harare, I was based in Eyecourt, Waterfalls.

At the moment, I am trying to eke out a living as a musician.

My wish is to keep my departed dad’s legacy alive with the help of my mentor Ronnie Mudhindo who has been grooming me all along here in South Africa where I have been a resident.

I know it won’t be a stroll in the park but with the help of working with  Ronnie till I make it.


Besides being a son of a music legend, I also led a normal life.

It’s an upbringing that I will always cherish.

My best child memories l still remember my father would come home with his friend called Pedro and asked me and my brother Peter to play soccer with them.

I used to play well and he used to call me a workhorse because I had a lot of energy.

Ronnie Mudhindo

As a person, I have a few moments which l forever cherish like when I met the late Oliver Mtukudzi and also laying a collaboration with the legendary Ronnie Mudhindo

As for my worst moment in my life, it’s when I lost a music clash and I surrendered in a contest.


As for my father’s brand Utakataka, I believe it will forever be strong now and forever.

In my own capacity I also believe the same Utakataka flavour is here to stay even though I am going to add some flavor.

I also promise to pick up from where my father left and moving forward Utakataka Express for the people by the people.


As a child who was brought in a decent family, I would have built a house for him at the plot and buy cattle as he always wanted to be a farmer and maybe open a gym for him as he was addicted to boxing.

I just loved my father because he loved us  and he has always provided for us.

Of course I am now based in South Africa but I always remember the good things he taught us.

Obert Tongai Moyo with Ronnie Mudhindo

Back home where my father taught me life, I miss peace we have love in the atmosphere and l also miss my friends and family.

When it comes to my brother Peter, we tend to make respect each other  and respect each other.

Of course challenges will be there but madhara Vazvamburi is always there for me.


As for new projects, I have an album written and sealed so I will with collaboration with Vazvamburi leader  and my mentor Ronnie Mudhindo as we have done a single track titled Dzinza Rinokosha.

We are going to launch it on the 7th March in our hometown Kwekwe  and we are currently working on an accompanying video for the track.

My upcoming album is titled Vedzinza Rinodadisa which features a wide range of powerful  six songs and believe me it’s a big project


Firstly, I would like to thank God the Almighty my mother Lucy Mahlatini for the moral support Reason Mlanga for financial support  and Yellow Malewa for vision

On a parting shot I would like to thank my fans, media (both print  and electronic) for the support I have always received.

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