‘I’m living in fear’

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‘I’m living in fear’ Darlington Nyaungwa


Michelle Karaga, H-Metro Reporter

Chikurubi Maximum Prisons condemned inmate, Darlington Nyaungwa, says he lives in fear as he does not know what may happen to him anytime.

The 36-year-old said he went to prison in 2010 after he was found guilty for murder during a robbery.

He opened up during the recent musicians and soccer legends tour at Chikurubi Maximum Prison.

“I was with my five friends when we committed murder and amongst us was one female who ended up being released from prison last year,” said Nyaungwa.

The condemned inmate said he was missing his relatives.

“Ndirikurwadziwa nekwandirikugara nekuti hama dzangu hadziuyi kuzondiona kana mudzimai wangu chaiye akatondiramba nekuti ndakawuya kujere ndauraya munhu.

“I wish my parents were alive maybe they were going to come and visit me one day, but sadly they passed on long back.

“My brother is the only one who came to see me once in prison in April this year, but the rest of the family members do not come to visit me. No one cares for me at all because of what I did,” he said.

“Handina kana rugare pandiri nekuti handizivi kuti tichauraiwa rini. Zvinorwadza kugara hana isana kugarisika.”

He added:

“I keep on praying every time.

“Even when they are coming to give us food, I always feel scared because I will be thinking maybe they have come to take us for hanging.”

Nyaungwa said his wish is to be given another chance to mix with the community as he is a changed man.

“My prayer every day is that the law can change and they remove the death sentence so that I get another chance in life,” said Nyaungwa.

“Ndikawana mukana wekubuda pano kungoenda  kuchurch chete nekuti ndatendeuka, hapana zvimwe zvandingaita,” he said.


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