‘I’m looking after my sister who was dumped by her boyfriend’

Faith Mandizha

A HARARE man took his ex-wife to court seeking a rescission challenging a maintenance application which was granted in his absence.

Try Mutetwa pleaded with the Harare Civil Court for his case to be heard afresh, saying he couldn’t pay the US$70 that was awarded to his ex-wife, Exhibit Chikono.

Mutetwa said he had remarried and had two other kids, and offered US$25 instead.

He claimed that he was never served with summons for the initial hearing as he was deployed in Nyanga.

“I’m looking after my sister who was dumped by her boyfriend and is expecting. 

“I have two other kids, and I’m also taking care of my father, who is not well.

“My other two kids are of school going age and I’m always behind in fees. 

“It’s not true that she served me with summons because she gave them to her friends,” he said.

Chikono objected to a new hearing, saying Mutetwa should be responsible enough to look after their five-year-old child.

“I came here claiming US$100 because I knew that he earned US$350 and a Zim dollar allowance.

“He is lying that he has two other kids. 

“Last time I checked with his wife, they only had one child and I served the papers to the Human Resources at his workplace,” she said.

Magistrate Ayanda Dlamini upheld Mutetwa’s application and reduced his maintenance to US$30.

She also ordered him to pay 50 percent school fees.

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