‘I’m no Satanist’

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‘I’m no Satanist’


Arron Nyamayaro recently in Mutoko

. . . I prayed, suffered to conceive: Prophetess Matimbire

DAUGHTERS of Virtue Ministries leader, Prophetess Memory Matimbire, has challenged people labelling her a Satanist for pulling large crowds to come forward.

In a side interview during her donation to leprosy patients accommodated at Mutemwa Leprosy Centre, Prophetess Matimbire said she went for years without conceding a child and went into mountains to fast and pray before she finally had a child. That, she said, is how she started her ministry to help women failing to conceive.

She said if people took time to learn about her history and what she went through, they would stop judging her and labelling her a Satanist.

“Many people do not care about searching the history of any person who becomes a leader that is why they are quick to give false reports,” said Prophetess Matimbire.

“Prayer is the key to all powerful church leaders and you do not start by casting out demons or calling people to follow you.

“I started from fasting, taking more time with God at secluded places that included visiting places like this Mutumwa, Domboshava, Ngomakurira Mountains and other hills in Marondera and Goromonzi.

“I was praying for my life, seeking God’s face to overcome challenges of my personal life. This is the time dealt with my character and shaped me for an assignment.

“I had no child for years and was made to understand how women failing to conceive feel and it is from that experience that God anointed me to go and help other women.

“Women who knew me were the ones who approached me, seeking to find out who had helped me and I pointed them to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ I met during my prayers in various mountains.

“God is the one who gave me power to pray for people facing the problems that forced me to fast, pray and visit various places seeking His face.

“I am not a Satanist as some want people to believe,” said Prophetess Matimbire.

She narrated how she spent nights in Mutemwa Mountain and another mountain in Bindura without food and water.

“Two of my pastors who are with me in the ministry are the ones who went down Mutemwa Mountain where we were praying to look for mangoes and water from leprosy patients.

“Pastor Abel and Blessed vakatya tirimugomo vakafunga kuti ndavekufa vakadzika vachinditsvagira chekudya.

“Ndaichemera nhamo yangu pana Mwari vakandinzwa saka nhasi ndauya kuzotenda ndichivapa zvekufuka nechekupfeka nekuti vakave Mwari wangu nemhinduro yeupenyu hwangu.

“This is the God I serve. I am not a Satanist. Mwari haangave Mwari kana achikundwa nasatan.

“God is bigger and mightier than the devil. Sei vanhu vachifunga kuti zvinhu zvikuru zvinoitwa nasatan. Mukuru ndiyani Mwari nasatani.

“Let those accusing me of being used by the devil to answer me on who is greater God or Satan,” said Prophetess Matimbire.

She went on to challenge people accusing her of Satanism to approach women fellowshipping with her to hear from women who have living testimonies and get better information of how God is answering their prayers.

Prophetess Matimbire, popularly known for leading Tadhiniwa Women group said her secret and source of power about her bigger following is on testimonies being given by women she is teaching how to pray.

“Handiite minana uye handisi svikiro kanasangoma ndinodzidzisa madzimai kutarisana na Mwari vachizvinamatira kwete kuendera kukereke kunoshandirwa,” she said before leading her congregation to climb Mutemwa Mountain where they spent the better part of day meditating upon the word and interceding for each other.



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