‘I’M NOT A MAN OF GOD’. . . I am a man loved by God, says Passion

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‘I’M NOT A MAN OF GOD’. . . I am a man loved by God, says Passion PROPHET Passion Java


Latwell Nyangu
PROPHET Passion Java says he is not a man of God but a man loved by God.

He also conceded he was not perfect but insisted he was genuine.


He claimed other prophets always pretended and lied to the people.


The social media influencer also spoke of temptations, which come with his prominence.


He was speaking during the DennyJ Show, an online podcast hosted by Boyz Dze Tonaz TV, fronted by Denford Jiro, whose viewership is exploding.


“My preaching is not bible set-up,” said Prophet Passion.


“The type of gospel we preach to people has to be theology that goes through psychology.


“If there is no psychology, in what we are doing in this generation, we are wasting our time.


“People are tired of hearing ‘God is good,’ vana vachifa nenzara, wonamatirwa long life usina chekudya, long life inoda uchidzvova bacon.


“The gospel has attracted a lot of enemies and do you know why I have more enemies, it’s the way I prophecy, I have never met a prophet who prophesies the way I do.


“And, when you see the cars I roll in, I have never seen preachers like that in Zimbabwe.


“It is the best message, depending on the platform you are on.


“You can’t come on Instagram holding a bible, you don’t get any followers and when you go on Instagram, do you check guys with bibles or you see those ladies with bikinis, that’s the message of Instagram.”


He defended the gospel of prosperity.


“The whole Bible is prosperity, everything we preach is prosperity, there is no preacher who would want to be called a poverty preacher,” he said.


“If you preach against driving a Lamborghini, you are preaching poverty to people.”


He claims he met Jesus Christ.


“I met Jesus Christ in 1999, kusangana naJesus face-to-face and he told me, I am a prophet.


“I don’t even know how to draw him, hazvitsanangurike, the presence was just too much.


“I fell on the ground but Jesu vakandiudza kuti I am a prophet of prophets in Zimbabwe and all nations around the world.


Handina kuzvinzwisisa but I am living it now.


“In 2001, that’s when I started preaching and prophesying and I was in Form One.


“I was going around schools, in Chitungwiza, preaching, prophesying, taking students, going to Mayambara, going in camp meetings, every Friday, Saturday, praying and prophesying.


“So, my whole life became praying and preaching. I was inspired by my brothers, Apostle B Java and Nicholas.


“I am a prophet of prophets, so I groom preachers or prophets that will be in any church.


“I have churches in India, Brazil, Bahamas.


“My church is in Zengeza, over 100 congregants, Harare and Rotten Row over 200. Around 2010, I was 22 and I would fill the Aquatic Complex.


“I have churches in California, America, UK, I am everywhere. My biggest church is in Tanzania, over 10 000 congregants.


“I am mainly one guy who is clear to the people of who I am, unlike other pastors that would want to pretend as if they are perfect when nobody is.”


Added Prophet Passion:


“I feel it’s a lie to live a lie to people. I think it’s not good to pretend to be that person I am not and be a hypocrite.


“People should fall in love with that person who is real to them.


“I am not perfect but at least I am genuine.


“There is a difference between a fake, false and a true prophet. A fake prophet ndovaye vaye vamunoona vaye, those who put you in a coffin and tell you to pretend as if you are dead, they resurrect you.


“A false prophet is someone who can actually see but is using midzi, n’anga, it’s juju stuff, like the prophets of Pharaoh in Egypt.


“One thing I like about people who call me fake prophet, they put prophet and they admit I am a prophet.


“You have to have a personal relationship with God before you can meet any prophet.”


He also talked about the petition for his deportation from the United States.


“Those people made me famous at the Embassy. I am a green card holder. This petition is not realistic to someone rich like me.


“I went to the embassy. I told them that my wife was suffering trauma because of what Zimbabweans were doing.


“I booked an appointment to hear the implications. In America if you have 500k (US$500 000), you automatically become a citizen of America, and that was my back-up plan.


“I was unfazed, in California I have an US$8 million building. Maryland church building, US$2.4 million. My house is over a million.


“I will lie to you if I give you exact figures. I don’t know my worth. The tax guys will be after me. I can’t say it.


“I applied for farming, gold mining and diamond mining, and a license for tobacco, they are all applications. I still have businesses which I run since 2011.”


l Tomorrow, we will publish his beef with a number of people, including Mai TT, Tatelicious, the late Ginimbi, whom he claims he misses a lot and Seh Calaz

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