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Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

HARARE model-cum-dancer, Keisha Bianca Mafa, says she is not desperate for men.

The 23-year-old says fame is difficult to handle but it takes boldness to overcome as the modelling fraternity is characterised by many temptations.

The model, who torched the storm following the leaking of her picture with Stunner on social media claiming they were an item, said temptations will always be there.

“I have been hearing a lot of talk about me, the whole situation that is going on and it’s sad.

“I’m sick and tired of how these men are trying to make it seem like I am desperate for them.

“Honestly, I only I took that picture (of Stunner) because I am a fan of the artiste, I like his music and that’s it.

“Now it’s coming out as if I was looking to put him on my status and all that is just purely and utterly low.

“However, why does it have to be the woman who gets bashed just because the society has its expectations?” she fumed.

Keisha noted models are always under spotlight and targeted by many.

“Models are a target of many people out there each and every morning.

“This is sometimes caused by our social media life, things we do; we can’t manage to limit the exposure and at the end of the day people out there always try by all means to find a way to bring all the things we worked for to shame.

“People attack models for the fact that they just want to bring us down and it’s not all the time l manage to reply 150 new people posting messages, so they end up thinking am not that friendly person at the end of the day they will try to find a way for revenge,” she said.

She noted that their industry does not require love relationships.

“This type of industry doesn’t need one to be involved in love relationships, so my answer is Keisha is not taken am still single.

“I haven’t planned to enter the journey of Romeo and Juliet since l still got a lot of things to worry about and stress myself not love relationship.

“l think it is still too early to be told what to do and what not to do with someone(boyfriend),  l can’t manage those things at once, so for now love things aside still haven’t activated that mode, maybe sometime in the future,” she said.

Keisha said models are not loose as said.

“As models, we are well groomed and trained so that we can go out there and represent a lot of things so that people may see the good in us, in general moral values are evaluated by people in the society, by people out there.

“Who would want to tarnish her or his image as a model and l guess the reason why people are now saying models have loose morals.

“People out there think when they just have photoshoots for funny or video shoots they now think they can compete with the highly trained models, and they go out there tarnishing the industry,” she added.

Keisha said her journey has not been easy.

“As any hardworking person I started from nothing but a dream to be a brand that could influence and inspire other models.

“In my journey I encountered an array of challenges some of which tested my ethics and values but I am grateful that I was able to have enough will and drive to overcome them.

“I am faced with a lot of problems to do with gender related issues, you would spend the whole day at a shoot only to be told we cannot pay you and this is capitalised by bogus agencies and fake management companies.

“However I have grown and learnt from mistakes and challenges and I am glad I have a great management team that has been a great help in building my image and brand.

“I have managed to work with some big brands names and designer which I’m also thankful for.

“I really just want to thank my mother for her unwavering support and to all my fans I say thank you for your support which hold dearly,” she said.

Asked how she has managed to overcome temptations, Keisha said:

“It’s exciting to see myself as a woman aiming for and winning leadership roles especially knowing the challenges l had to contend with along the way, it’s not an easy trigger to pull but have managed a lot to aim the level l am right now.

“I have tackled a lot of obstacles where sometimes we are forced to do things that are not necessary as women, things that will put shame to myself but I try by all means to turn my back and walk away, it’s not like l always know what tomorrow holds but I believe my instincts if something is not right.

“So many women have failed that stage just because they want their career to go on, but you don’t have to be forced negative in order for your career to succeed,” she added.

“And sometimes being popular, have to limit of personal exposure by sticking to posting news about my current projects or reacting to other projects where I know people. It’s hard sometimes but it’s for the best because too much exposure will result in so many consequences and fake news out to the people.”

Keisha urged aspiring models to be resilient.

“To my ladies out there, you are women of valour with great inner strength and well able to influence communities and nations for what’s good and best.

“You have the power to change your future and control your plans, fame elusive and passionately sought after is not only about glamour, wealth, adulation and luxurious lifestyles.

“Yes, you can handle fame, but it is not an easy job, being famous is overwhelming, stressful and at times annoying too.

“Fame brings with it a mixed bag of predicaments and I believe people handle fame in two ways generally; the first being that it causes a person to become more conscientious and helpful in his community.

“Those people can handle the attention. In addition fame needs good management and also be able to wipe away pride,” she said.

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