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I’M NOW COMPLETE: MUSHAPAIDZE (From left) Jah Prayzah, his wife Rufaro, Panashe Peters (Keen's wife) and Keen Mushapaidze


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

Jah Prayzah’s manager Keen Mushapaidze says he feels completely blessed after he tied the knot with his sweetheart, Panashe Peters.

The 30-year-old, who dated Panashe for 13 months before paying lobola and subsequently holding a lavish wedding over the weekend, said his wife, 24, gives him strength as a man.

Ascene at Keen and Panashe’s wedding

Speaking to H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle after their wedding ceremony held at an exquisite venue, Jah Prayzah’s most trusted lieutenant said he was ready for marriage.


“It’s a good feeling getting married to someone who has become your best friend in life.


“This wedding means a lot for us in the showbiz where people have wrong perceptions about us considering the nature of our job.


“Players in this sector are usually regarded as man and women of loose morals but we are trying to correct that wrong perception that artistes can also wed,” he said.


With marriage coming with responsibilities, Keen said he was ready for the new enthralling chapter he has opened.


“I’m ready and more than happy that I now have someone who can lessen my burden.


“As a father, I will be expected to play my fatherly roles while my wife will be doing her duties.


“After a long day at work, I now know the reason for going home early; I no longer need to stress over what I will wear, eat or do because I now have a capable helper,” he said.


The affable manager, who is credited with turning around Jah Prayzah’s fortunes after his ascendancy to management, hailed his employer and family for making the event a success.


“There are so many people who helped me a lot in this journey and one of them is JP.


“I would like to thank my parents who have blessed us to start a marriage together and that has always been my wish.


“I’m ready to do my best for my wife and family after being blessed by our parents,” he added.


Keen and Panashe’s marriage took place at a time when their social media followers have been kept guessing.


The much-publicised affair came into light early this year before Keen managed to pay lobola in July.


And true to Keen’s word that he was due to walk down the aisle with Panashe, the couple did not disappoint.


As a young couple, Keen and Panashe have made the creative sector and their families proud.

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