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I’M ON DEMAND – MADZIBABA ZAKARIA Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

MADZIBABA Nicholas Zakaria reckons he is working overtime as both seasoned and upcoming artistes are begging him for collaborations.

He however says he would not shut the door on fellow artistes in need of his expertise but signs of fatigue have gripped him.

Simon Mutambi and Madzibaba

Among the artistes he has collaborated with in short space of time comprise South Africa based yesteryear musician Nicholas Somerai, Simon Mutambi, Jah Signal, Gwanda bred singer Thembinkosi “Master Zoe” Zhoue and Lifebouy.

Jah Signal

However, it is Somerai who has humbled Madzibaba most after he sent him his old and catchy song entitled Mudiwa Wangu to be done on a sungura flair.



The Khiama Boys founder said he was surprised when he received a call from Somerai who begged him for a collaboration.


“He sent me his old song Mudiwa Wangu which made waves way back asking me if it was possible that we do it a sungura flair.


“It appears he is experimenting with the song to come up with a better version of the track and I am glad we have done a lot of groundwork.


“From what I gathered, he wants to release it ahead of the festive season.


“It was a marvel working with Nicholas Somerai, an artistes I have known and listened to over the years,” he said.


Madzibaba said he was not aware that Somerai was also a fan of him.


“It’s funny how you establish which artistes appreciates you or not.


“In my case, I didn’t know that Somerai appreciated me so much and I am glad we are working on a project together,” he said.



Madzibaba who is set to release his 28th album which he collaborated with Mutambi said he was also learning from his mentees.


“I groomed this boy and when he decided to that collaborate on an album, I just took him on board.


“He penned three songs and I also have three tracks as well on the album to be released on the 25th of October.


“My three songs on the album comprise Zvamazuva Ano, Pafunge and Kurairwa while Mutambi wrote three songs namely Chitsaru, Upenyu Ivhiri and Mudiwa.


“Mutambi came up with the concept and like it straight away which saw us rushing into the studio to record our album.


“The album is as good as done and being the season for new stuff, it is my hope that fans will embrace it with both hands.


“We are only waiting for the day of release and see how best we can launch it to the fans.


“Our fans have been waiting for new stuff and this is the best way we can honour them,” he said.



At a time when Madzibaba appears to be the most sought after sungura artistes for collaboration, he has even combined forces with artistes from other genres.


“When my son Jah Signal approached me and said he wanted to do a rendition of my song on a Zim dancehall feel, I just accepted and that opened doors for other artistes.


“As we speak, my phone is always inundated with calls from Zim dancehall artists who want to collaborate with me.


“It is my wish that I will work with them but at the moment I think I am working overtime.


“I can see that fatigue is taking its toll on me at times but I won’t shut the do on them.


“I can only resume collaborations maybe after the festive season because as artistes we need time to come up with our concept and see how best we can sell the idea out there,” he said.


Added Madzibaba:

“Of course there are other youngsters like Master Zoe from Gwanda who came all the way here begging me to do a collaboration with him.


“We recorded two songs together with him and I hear that the songs are doing well on radio.


“As a father figure, it makes me feel proud to be working with them and there is even more stuff to come if all go according to plan.”


Mdzibaba who recently launched a video to his golden Chewa hit song Zomvelamvela is not doubt one of the most sought after artistes judging by the collaborations lined up.


The corporate world has also embraced him and his camp is upbeat 2020 will end on a good note for him.


Madzibaba has been in the game for a while having weaned off of number of artistes under his great tutelage.

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