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AWARD-WINNING talk show host, Mai Rebecca Chisamba, says her latest award has filled her with a lot of joy.

She has been awarded the Order of the Star of Zimbabwe Silver Award for her contribution to public service.

Mai Chisamba was honoured by President Mnangagwa.

She has virtually become ‘Tete Venyika,’ with her shows tackling societal issues and taboos, with expert guests providing advice to her viewers and listeners.

She has contributed to transforming communities by challenging stereotypes, denouncing harmful practices, promoting courage and strength and harmonious living.

She has also encouraged the youths to be persistent in their chosen careers.

Mai Chisamba said she feels honoured.

“I am very happy and excited to have received this award,” she said.

“This award is very special and big, and it is not only for me, but my family, country and even those who have gone before us.

“My career did not come easy.

“At first it was very hard and when I was at ZBC back then, I started having different thoughts because the show was doing very well.

“I said to my boss, let’s take the programme to the people and he said it was impossible.

“When he said that, I also began seeing it as impossible.”

She added:

“I want to tell the youths that nothing comes easy.

“Being where I am right now was not easy.

“I started in 1986 behind the microphone and this is 2023.

“Holding on to something you believe in will take you places.

“There are three people that I want to thank for holding my hand throughout – Munyaradzi Hwengwere, Susan Makore and Baba Henry Muradzikwa played a pivotal role in my career and I am grateful.

“I also want to express my profound gratitude to ZBC because had it not been for them, I wouldn’t have been where I am today.

“The show would never have existed.”

Mai Chisamba urged people to stay away from drugs, saying nothing good ever comes from using them.

“This issue of drugs is wreaking havoc and hurting us.

“I sometimes talk to the youths on my shows and they tell me that the reason they do drugs is because there are no jobs.

“I always tell them that if using drugs doesn’t bring jobs, they should look for something else to do instead of abusing drugs because getting drunk will not help anyone in any way.”

Mai Chisamba also hinted on the introduction of the Dr Rebecca Chisamba Linguistics Academy in the coming months.

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