I’m still in touch with Roki: Pauline

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I’m still in touch with Roki: Pauline


25 July 2018


…diva celebrate 33rd birthday

SONGIBRD Pauline Gundidza, who is set to hold her belated 33rd birthday party this Saturday, says she is still in touch with former husband, Roki.

She, however, said only talks to Roki concerning the welfare of their children.

In an interview with H-Metro, the former Mafriq vocalist said:

“Yes, Roki and I are always in touch regarding the welfare of our children and we will be releasing some music that we worked on together in the near future.

“The track Waiona (Streets Classic) produced by Roki will be on my album which I am launching on Saturday and as well, l will be having my birthday bash at Red Café.”

Pauline said she was looking forward to the double celebrations, urging friends to show up in numbers.

“There is going to be a special performance by one of my favourite local artistes Victor Kunonga   on Saturday.

“I will also be officially launching the single ‘Ndakakumirira’ which was produced in South Africa by GTBeats and also a fashion show by Petreace as well as presentations from other guest artistes including Oskid, The Mystry, Buhle, Hitsquad and FuzzyL.

“Ndakakumirira is a song which is inspired by the stories of many Zimbabweans who have abandoned homes and families in pursuit of greener pastures in the diaspora.

“I sang from the perspective of a woman who is waiting for her lover to return despite the challenges to the relationship.

“GTbeats (the producer) has worked with the like of Buffalo Soldier, Queen Vee, Beenie Man and many other regional artists,” she said.

Pauline also encouraged female artistes to be strong and professional if they are to reach their goals.

“They also have to remember that beauty is skin deep, they do not have to use their body to propel themselves in the industry because when that beauty fades, they will lose their value.

“True professionalism and business ventures are important because they will always keep you on top of your game even in old age.”

She also reflected on her musical journey.

“I was born on the 8th July 1985 I am 33 years old. It has been a long 17 years in the industry.

“First there was the build up to Mafriq when I was trying to get noticed, then the lifespan of Mafriq which was fruitful but short lived, then the time after Mafriq where I was trying to establish myself was the hardest.

“Now it’s my time as Pauline, a time where hard work is beginning to pay off.”

She also opened up on some of the challenges she was facing.

“Challenges are mostly financial, we do not make enough from the live shows and record sales to be able to fully finance expensive videos quality productions and our expensive celebrity lifestyle.

“I’m actually welcoming interested sponsors to contact me for the album’s costs.

“They can come through on Saturday and we can talk. I may be able to offer services in return.”

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