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13 Oct, 2021 - 11:10 0 Views
I’M STILL WITH JAH: STIMELA USA soprano singer Lucia Palmieri (left) and Fatima Stimie Stimela Katiji


Takawira Photovet Dapi
JAH PRAYZAH’S long-serving backing vocalist and dancer, Fatima ‘Stimela’ Katiji is currently on a tour of Europe.
In an update on her current whereabouts, Stimela promised to return and drop a single after more than a year overseas.


“Hello everyone, I know people are wondering on my whereabouts. Fatima is on an intercontinental opera tour with Norah Chipaumire called Nehanda.

“We have so far toured five European countries doing workshops and festivals, it is so much fun. So to those who are wondering about where I am, here is where I am at.


“This is a wonderful experience and I am so proud to be part of this Chipaumire team. I am experiencing these wonderful places like theatres and various arts and culture business exposures. So I am also dreaming to see you soon,” she said.

She defined the tour as a dream come true.


“This is an achievement. I dedicate it to those I make smile genuinely because, you have genuinely cheered and motivated me up to this intercontinental tour.

“My fans landed me in this team of 15 powerful artists, who are multi-talented,” she said.


“We grouped for a bubble residency at Fairfield University, Regina, Connecticut in United States of America from March 15 to June 15, 2021 before hopping to Europe.”

The Chipaumire Opera International tour troupe soprano singer from United States of America, Lucia Palmeiri, who is with Stimela on the tour, said working with the Zimbabwean artiste is an honour.

“There is nothing in the world as wonderful as being on tour with Fatima Katiji from Zimbabwe.

“Her smile brings comfort and joy to everyone that has the honor of seeing it.

“Her voice is beyond amazing.

“She emotes such passion with her singing, it is as if her soul itself is singing.

“Fatima is so beautiful inside and out, kind, generous and gorgeous

“While we were in Italy, she seemed to stop time every time she spoke.

“She is one of those people that actually has something important and loving to say every time she speaks, so everyone listens.

“She is a true inspiration,” said Lucia.

Meanwhile, Stimela also responded to questions on her future back home.

“And to those questions that people are asking like, if I am ever going to come back and be with Jah Prayzah again’, YES, I AM STILL WITH JAH PRAYZAH. I will be joining my team after my international tour is done.”

Stimela is one of four girls in her family.

“We are five children from our father, Sonny Katiji and mother Margaret Katiji.

“We are four girls and one handsome brother, a gentleman called Daniel Katiji, a DJ in South Africa. All of us are in the arts and culture industry.

“There is Edith WeUtonga, then Ethel who is a singer-dancer too in South Africa together with Daniel.

“Then there is Beauty Katiji, a choreographer and singer, then myself.

“My arts genes from my mother’s clan are natural because her relatives were born gospel singers whilst my dad’s aunts were renowned ballroom dancers and beauty queens. For example my aunt Laina Katiji often scooped Miss Gweru titles, I can’t remember how many times and when, sorry on that,” said Stimela.

A mother of a 14-year-old boy, Yamikani, Stimela says she is grateful for the experience she got from her career, especially with Jah Prayzah, ahead of the tour.

“Thank God I have already toured the world with mukoma JP, Jah Prayzah, thrilling the world from USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, and across Africa.

“JP made me shake hands with many unbelievably big persons of this world. Kwandiri mukoma Mukudzei (Jah Prayzah) Mukombe, mukombe wemvura chaiwo unoda kukudzwa. JP is a true calabash that makes anyone’s dream come true.

“Imagine, I performed on the same stage with Ringo Madlingozi, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Diamond Platinumz, Mafikizolo, Koffi Olomide, Davido, Charma Girl, Harmonise, Oliver Mtukudzi not forgetting at home with dhara Alick Macheso, to mention just a few,” she said.

Working with Jah Prayzah has helped Stimela perfect her singing and she is set to release a single.

“I am releasing a single audio song for you on my arrival from this tour, though I am still to decide on which song from the two audio tracks I have will be released.

“Let me also use this chance to inform you about our Stimybee Dance Factory, owned by us the Katiji sisters, myself and Beauty.

“It’s for your children to be groomed as professional arts and culture business persons. The challenges that I faced must not face your grandchildren, this is a pay back to my fans’ communities ” she said.

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