‘I’m under no pressure to go home’

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‘I’m under no pressure to go home’


14 September 2018

A PRISONER who is incarcerated at Guruve District Prison said he not under pressure to go home since his parents died.

Twenty three-year-old Carlington Freza has been in prison for five months now and it seems like he is enjoying his stay at Guruve Prison.

“I am enjoying my life here in prison unlike at home. I don’t have any pressure of going back home because I am very comfortable here,” said Freza.

“We are treated well here, they wake us up time iri bho kunge tiri kumba and they give us food, so what more would I ask for?

“My relatives do not know that I am here so I don’t have any visitors coming here. My home is in Kadoma so I didn’t have any of their contacts to tell them I was arrested.”

Freza explained what got him in prison.

“I left my home town Kadoma in search of a job and I started working at Mudhidho (Mazowe Bar). I worked for two months but my employer didn’t give me my salary so I took his laptop and phone and ran away with then. I was caught while getting away then I got arrested.

“I was sentenced to 12 months in prison but the court removed three months then the prison removed the other three which left me with six months.

“I have served five months which means I am left with a month but I really don’t have any pressure to go outside. I lost both my parents in 2003 so things are very hard at home.

“I have learnt my lesson. I won’t take people’s things again. Pano apa ndakadzidziswa kurima nekukanya zvidhinha so if I go outside I will be able to use my hands,” he added

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