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Zvikomborero Parafini, Court Reporter

A Zvimba man was on Thursday brought before court charged for kidnapping after his wife reportedly ‘stole’ a new born baby from her mother at a shopping mall in Harare’s Avenues area.

The suspect, Gift Chemhuru, appeared before Harare magistrate Judith Taruvinga but was not placed on remand after the State made an application for further detention so that he can assist the police in rescuing two other children who are also believed to have been kidnapped by his wife.

Gift Chemhuru (centre)

The court granted the application and he will be formally placed on remand on Saturday.


The court heard that it is alleged that on September 24, the complainant Shanie Chalamanda, gave birth to a baby boy at Mbuya Nehanda Maternity Hospital, Harare and she was discharged and went home to nurse the baby.

It is reported that on October 22 the complainant proceeded to Parirenyatwa Hospital where she wanted to see a doctor and have her blood pressure checked but she failed to see him as he was not on duty.


It is alleged that on her way home she met Miriam Bwanali inside the yard and they started walking to Montagu Spar, Avenues and whilst there Bwanali requested to assist the complainant to carry the baby.


The court heard that Chalamanda initially denied but Bwanali kept on insisting prompting her to give her the child and she even assisted her to strap the child on her back and they went into the shop.


Whilst inside the shop Bwanali allegedly gave the complainant US$42 and a pack of pampers before telling her to join the queue and pay for them and she complied, but as she approached the till, Bwanali walked towards the door and fled with the baby.


When she finished paying, she went outside intending to get her baby but Bwanali was nowhere to be found and when she asked other shoppers whether they had seen her they all said they hadn’t seen her.


She went on to check her bag which they had left at the entrance and found out that it was missing then she started crying and she was taken to Milton Park Police Station where she filed a report.


The police managed to get a CCTV footage showing Bwanali committing the offence then received information that Bwanali had kidnapped a child and when they went to the scene she had escaped. They then arrested her husband Chemhuru who was there with the child.


Lancelot Mutsokoti appeared for the State.




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