In jail till 2068

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In jail till 2068 Farai Chimhamasi


21 September 2018

Farai Chimhamasi

FOR the next 50 years he will be behind bars but he still hopes he will leave prison walls to go and fend for his family.

Farai Chimhamhasi, 38, will be locked up till 2068 at Mutimurefu Prison for raping a minor.

Chimhamhasi began serving his sentence earlier this month. His crime was only got uncovered after the 14-year old he raped fell pregnant.

“This (rape) all started in February.

“I never got a chance to speak to my wife after being convicted and I am yet to receive a visitor.

“Since I know for sure that I committed a crime, I have accepted the judgment,” Chimhamhasi said.

He says life in jail was bearable and they have been doing bible study since he was incarcerated.

“I have been staying in my cell since I got here and I only go out for meals.

“I want my family to forgive me for all of this, my youngest child is currently nine months old and I am worried that my wife will not be able to fend for the family.

“I was into construction in Zaka; when I think about my six children back at home it saddens me,” he told H-Metro.

The inmate said he prays for a lesser sentence so that he can go back and be the bread winner he once was.

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