IN TEARS, MAI TT’S DAUGHTER FACES THE EX-LOVER SHE NOW CLAIMS HAS GONE VERY ROGUE…Two teenagers, who were once sweethearts, face off in a storm…Amir accused of being jealous after their relationship collapsed…He couldn’t stomach Felisha’s new relationship with Charlie Nyahoko

Arron Nyamayaro and Zvikomborero Paraffin

MAT TT’s daughter, Felisha Muzeya, was in tears as she came face-to-face with her former teenage lover, Amir Mhaka, she now accuses of splashing her nude photos on social media.

Felisha, 18, claims Amir, who is 19, splashed the images to hit back at her after she called time on their two-year relationship.

The two met on Instagram and began dating in 2020 before the relationship collapsed in April 2022.

Amir was arrested on Monday and appeared in court yesterday where he faced charges of transmission of intimate images without the owner’s consent.

This is unlawful according to Section 164 E(1) of the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act Chapter 9:3 as amended by the Cyber and Data Protection Act Chapter 12.07.

“On the date unknown to the prosecutor but between September 2020 and the 9th of April 2024 on internet, Amir Edwin Mhaka unlawfully and intentionally by means of an information system on social media went on different social media platforms and posted nude pictures identifiable to Felisha Muzeya, tarnishing the name and image of Felisha Muzeya, with the intention of humiliating and embarrassing Felisha Muzeya or realising that the was a real risk or possibility that Felisha Muzeya may be humiliated or embarrassed,” reads the court papers.

The two broke up in April 2022 due to a misunderstanding.

“During the course of their relationship, the accused person asked for the complainant’s nudes and she sent them to him.

“She sent her nude pictures several times to the accused person.

“Soon after the break up, the accused person started sending text messages threatening to expose the nudes on social platforms if she cut ties with him.

“The text messages prompted the complainant to keep him close as a friend.

“On 18 March 2023, the complainant started dating Charles Nyahokwe and the accused person found out. He was not happy with it and started sending Charles Nyahokwe some disparaging things about the complainant.

“On the 9th of April 2024, at around 2100 hours, the complainant’s sister, Tanatswa Mutikani, told the complainant that there were nude pictures of her trending on social media.

“The pictures were the ones she had sent to Amir Mhaka. She was so sure that she had sent them only to Amir when they were still dating.”

Felisha was escorted to court by family assistant Wasu.

She was ordered to appear in court on May 15 when the trial is expected to start.

The State was represented by Nomsa Kangara and Mandirasa Chigumira.

On April 9, Felisha’s sister saw the nude pictures and informed her that her pictures were circulating on social media.

Fifi asked to see the pictures and confirmed that they were the ones she had sent to Amir when they were still dating.

Magistrate Caroline Matanga presided over the matter.

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